Is Lembit being cheeky about length of affair..?

DID freelance journalist and blogger Andy Darley get the most understated scoop of the year or was it just plain fluke when he posted his entry for a caption competition on Guido Fawkes’ scurrilous website in June? Under a photo of the LibDem’s Bromley candidate, Ben Abbotts, with his arms around the Cheeky Girls, Darley suggested the caption: ‘I’m just looking after them for Lembit.’ I suppose it must have been mere coincidence that someone described on his blog as an “ex-journalist and former liberal politician in London” would post such a thing, as Cheeky Girl Gabriela claimed only to have met Lembit in October! Course, this isn’t the first suggestion that the couple had met during the summer, while Lembit was still dating weathergirl Sian Lloyd. And I’m sure Lembit won’t even mind that his fellow Welsh Liberal, Welsh Assembly Member Peter Black, posted a spoiler on his blog the day before the Sunday tabloids went to press (beating Conservative blogger Iain Dale by three hours). Presumably this was the “big secret that some people would consider to be in the same league as Charles Kennedy and Mark Oaten” Opik told Five Live about back in September – a full month before Opik and Gabriela ‘met’. Remember, Gabriela told the News of the World Opik had not told her exactly when he split with Sian. “All I can say is that they broke up ages ago but it wasn’t made official,” she said, though Sian told the Mail on Sunday that she broke the engagement off two weeks ago and believes Opik had been two-timing her since just October. But was it longer..? Hopefully poor Sian will be taking her own advice, published here: Learn to cope with rejection and be resilient.

  • Aaron McDaid

    “big secret that some people would consider to be in the same league as Charles Kennedy and Mark Oaten”

    Jeepers! So Kennedy has another secret in his closet, besides the alcoholism!?

  • Dr Strangelove

    This will all end in tears. A middle aged, ugly politican with a young good looking female.

    He just looks like a fool.

    Funnily enough though, the security word I have had to type in to post this rambling was “husband61″… does slugger know something already ?

  • greg

    He’s gorgeous.

  • Dr Strangelove

    Kissing him must be quite weird, with the dislocated lower jaw of his.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Belfast Gonzo

    What is this coming to, do we have to endure News of the World type stories here which are of no merit.

    Why should what partner or partners he has be of any interest to anyone except him?

  • Dr Strangelove

    FD – Is there not something in the fact that it looks as if he may been duplicitous, by both deed and word, to his partner ?

    How do we know that such duplicity does not extend to his public life ?

  • Rory

    Such a lapse in maintaining fidelity that is normally the hallmark of of Liberal politicians is to be regretted and I am sure would be frowned on by those former party leaders and shining examples of devotion to family values, David Lloyd George, Jeremy Thorpe and Paddy Ashdown and by those who have recently aspired to leadership, Simon Hughes and Mark Oaten.

    As for the burning question you ask, Gonzo, “But was it longer?”, I am afraid that only Ms Fairweather and Ms Cheekibum having made the comparison can answer and I am sure that modesty, reticence and a sense of dignified loyalty will deter either from so doing. At least until they can be persuaded by the overtures of the Sunday press that it would be in the public interest to spill the beans. Certainly if that were to happen I would expect both to receive large sums to compensate them for any distress incurred by them in such a selfless act of public duty.

  • I look forward to reading about Lembit and his Cheeky Girl (with pic) in the next edition of Belfast Old Instonians’ “Seahorse” magazine.

  • lol

    mmm cheeky cheeky….

    i couldn’t fecking resist one or both of em. afraid the morals would go out the windie as fast as me trousers.

    gwannnn lembit ye boy ye! respectttt!

    now prudes and liars – get to work

  • gretta’s pussy

    He could have me any night he wants!!

    Loving the jaw!

  • Rory

    I’m afraid you’re out of luck, Gretta. Lembit is an honorable sort of chap and will stay faithful to Ms Cheekybum, at least until Christmas.

  • IJP

    Dr Strangelove

    He just looks like a fool.

    Sorry to say it because I like Lembit, but frankly you’re right.

    If he’s serious about moving on from “Northern Ireland and Wales”, well…

  • Crataegus

    We all get a bit pious about this sort of thing, how many of you haven’t veered of the straight and narrow, and of the remainder how many haven’t given it consideration? Having a good, virtuous, dependable partner is all very well, but let’s face it can be a bit tedious. There is nothing wrong with a fair dollop of lust and unbridled passion. If you get virtuous and erotic all in one then you’re a lucky lad or lass.

    Faithfulness oh give me a break, the main reason people are faithful is because they haven’t the lack of conscience or balls necessary to be unfaithful. Also let’s face it for every man who veers of the straight and narrow, there is (usually) a woman complicit and for everyone who does veer I bet there are six others who have given consideration but the opportunity just hasn’t arose. They haven’t had the guts to make it happen, and settle with reading about in the tabloids rather than getting on with it themselves.

    Lembit goes up in my estimation, seize the opportunity lad, follow the fine example of Alan Clarke and brass it out. Sell the story to the tabloids yourself! Go for it, set new standards, help liberate us all and forget the promotion in the Lib-Dems. It’s not worth anything anyway! Better to be free and happy than politically elevated in a small party, and be unhappy and chained into a life that is a lie.

    On face value it looks like a foolish move, passion ahead of reason, but who knows stranger things have worked, I wish them all a bit of luck.

    You only live once.

  • Brian Boru

    Dr.Strangelove I don’t think he’s ugly.

  • Would love to be a fly on the wall at home.
    “Oh go on darling, give us a quick burst of ‘Cheeky Holiday'”

  • Rory

    Crataegus, have you got your eye on Ms Cheekibum’s sister? Are you a member of the Liberal Party?

    Certainly not everyone would behave as you suggest. My weekly visits to the delightful and very, very skilful twin masseuses Mlle. Fifi and Mlle. Trixibelle, though often misunderstood, are solely in order to seek relief from chronic muscular tension in the groin area, a condition I have long suffered from. I hasten to add that my good lady wife, Herself, fully understands my need to seek relief. “Any thing that gets the old bugger outa the house is OK by me” as she fondly puts it.

  • What terrifies me is the thought that I might have given him the idea…

    (And I must update my site – these days I’m as likely to walk on the moon as accept work in journalism or PR)

  • Crataegus


    Sister looks good to me.

    Simple really, to be in anyway successful in business you have to be totally self centred. Being able to not care a dam about what anyone else thinks can be a big advantage.

    I think there is an awful lot of hypocrisy on this sort of thing and people are a lot less faithful than the persona they cultivate. Given the right circumstances I doubt if any of you wouldn’t risk a fling. Tell me I’m wrong!

    Personally his behaviour won’t lose my vote. What would lose it is pretence; for pretence can put you in a vulnerable position and open to blackmail. Being a arrogant bast ard is a good defence. Prevaricating also shows a weakness of character. If you skip about you really need to go into thick skin mode, and be prepared to take the flack. In the end an awkward few minutes is less bother than skulking about which in truth is just not fair to either your ‘partner’n or your new entanglement. Some people get a kick out of secrecy though.

    Also the oddest couples often make a success of it so let’s not prejudge. (That said I think the chances are about 5% in this case). Wise heads would say ooh fool, but those are the sorts that kiss babies at election time, send sickening Christmas cards, have policy based on the focus groups to ensure they tell you what you want to hear. You know the horrible little sycophants with their fake smiles and false personality who are so careful, so pious they make life a misery. A person who has weakness and allows his passion to run is much more interesting.

  • Dr Strangelove

    Brian Boru – have your glasses steamed up ?

    I suppose with looks like his he could not be too fussy, beggars and all that. However, fair play to him as he has certainly punched above his weight. If he had picked someone with a bit more gravitas then the story/relationship would not be treated as such a joke. It may be oxymoronic to link gravitas with the following list of beauties but if he was having a fumble with Madonna, Nora Jones, Kylie etc then the public’s reaction would be different.

    The cheeky girls, like a lot of others, succeeded briefly because they were failures. Lembit just looks like a besotted schoolboy and I think this reflects badly on himself and his party considering the past 6 months they have endured.

  • Rory


    It’s all very well you preaching openness and “let it all hang out”. You clearly haven’t met Herself. If it were well channelled the energy that woman puts into a backspin on the frying pan round my lugholes would keep Minnesota warm in a cold winter. So I don’t think I’ll be giving you any competition for the sister.

    Besides could you imagine the headlines if I did pull her?

    “Obscure pop singer in torrid affair with well known old fart from Tottenham!” more details and pics pages 5,6,7 & 8

    My career might never recover.

  • Nevin

    Was this a ‘two for one’ offer he just couldn’t refuse? 😉

    “The Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik faces fresh embarrassment over his relationship with the Cheeky Girl singer Gabriela Irimia after it emerged that he helped her campaign to avoid deportation.

    The Liberal Democrat frontbencher spoke to the Immigration minister, Liam Byrne, and asked a Labour MP to help the 24-year-old avoid being returned to her native Romania.”