Is Lembit being cheeky about length of affair..?

DID freelance journalist and blogger Andy Darley get the most understated scoop of the year or was it just plain fluke when he posted his entry for a caption competition on Guido Fawkes’ scurrilous website in June? Under a photo of the LibDem’s Bromley candidate, Ben Abbotts, with his arms around the Cheeky Girls, Darley suggested the caption: ‘I’m just looking after them for Lembit.’ I suppose it must have been mere coincidence that someone described on his blog as an “ex-journalist and former liberal politician in London” would post such a thing, as Cheeky Girl Gabriela claimed only to have met Lembit in October! Course, this isn’t the first suggestion that the couple had met during the summer, while Lembit was still dating weathergirl Sian Lloyd. And I’m sure Lembit won’t even mind that his fellow Welsh Liberal, Welsh Assembly Member Peter Black, posted a spoiler on his blog the day before the Sunday tabloids went to press (beating Conservative blogger Iain Dale by three hours). Presumably this was the “big secret that some people would consider to be in the same league as Charles Kennedy and Mark Oaten” Opik told Five Live about back in September – a full month before Opik and Gabriela ‘met’. Remember, Gabriela told the News of the World Opik had not told her exactly when he split with Sian. “All I can say is that they broke up ages ago but it wasn’t made official,” she said, though Sian told the Mail on Sunday that she broke the engagement off two weeks ago and believes Opik had been two-timing her since just October. But was it longer..? Hopefully poor Sian will be taking her own advice, published here: Learn to cope with rejection and be resilient.