A tale of two choirs…

MORE than 3,670 locals in Kilkenny have set an Irish and European record for assembling the most Christmas carol singers in one spot, the local GAA ground. But did anyone notice that the world record of 7,514 carol singers was set by the Bob Jones University in South Carolina in December 2004 – where Ian Paisley received his ‘doctorate’? I’m sure he won’t be gloating… after all, it’s a time for gaadwill to all men.

  • Rory

    What a pity they could not have included our very own emigre wunderkind, Lembit Opik, who was lustily singing at a carol concert in Wales yesterday as the press rushed to congratulate him on his delightful new love partner, the Romanian chanteuse, Ms Aventia Cheekibum. Perhaps next year the happy couple might return to the ancient land of his forebears and help Cullybackey Choral Society break the record of these pushy southerners.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    See my next entry.

    And there’s nothing wrong with Cullybackey. Really…