Ulster-Scots TV back on?

The Scottish Media Group and Ulster Television have re-opened merger talks.

  • Ulster Scot

    A hape that thill keap tha boot till tha boord wi this wan fur am luckin for ti heer tha hamely tongue a’ tha Ulster-Scots langage on tha picquer bowx.

    Keap tha rivs up!

  • Whar har tay yoo booo!!

    Isnae grate too say oos oolster scoots boos getin air oon telly channel hay!! This’ll maik thoose gaels tink too times aboooooooooot slagging oor oon lang-wich. Shoor iriash isnae a rale langwooge, all the world knoos oolster-skats isnae maid up, jus bekaws we’re jealous. Whair oolster skoots, what aboot oor way kauntry bays!!

    WHar har tay yoo too!!

  • Ulster Scot

    Thons a quare daalict a tha hamely tangue ye hae thare bay, a doubt yer wan a them gulderdickers yer sen an yer anly littin on luckin fur tae maik an oul amadans oot a’ hamely God fearin fowlk!

    yer richt but, them gulderdickers hav nae nae wurd fur flur-sucker!! Tha hae maid ‘er up!!!

    Anywaa, keap ‘er hamely.

  • slug

    It makes strategic sense although not clear whether the new company could be HQ’d in Belfast.

  • Yokel

    Whats with the Lithuanian being spoken on this thread?

  • The Pict

    Unliek lasd time, ollster Tellefision mostnae ask for to mutch munny.

  • Conor Gillespie

    “Shoor iriash isnae a rale langwooge”

    sigh. i hear the rumbling of a tangent storm.

    btw, learn to speak u.s. itself before you atack irish. “langwooge” isnt an u.s. word at all, its just the phonetic spelling of ulster english. the word in u.s. should be “leid”