Designing out crime

David Davis, the Shadow Home Secretary, presents a short film on the importance of design in combatting crime and anti-social behaviour.

  • Rory

    Perhaps he could draw up new plans for the House of Commons then if he believes that the anti-social behaviour in that place is affected by the architecture.

    And here was me thinking all along that they were all just a bunch of irredeemable louts deprived of Ritalin in childhood – politicians that is.

  • topdeckomnibus

    CCTV cameras mandatory design features in all new build and renovation.

    The population, sick of being the most CCTV monitored population in the world, adopt the Muslim womens’ dress code as a unisex fashion statement.

    Big brother CCTV control room staff make injuries claims for repetitive image strain as every subject in public areas is an all over hoodie with their anonymity protected under ecclesiastical law by the new defender of faiths … Charlie boy.

    Bigoted CCTV police overheard “that is the trouble with the population they all look the same to me”

    Trevor Phillips, consultant to police, argues that it is a problem for ethnic groups to achieve equality in a society where CCTV defence dress makes everyone the same.