No car park? No tea? Then it can’t be the same thing!

Gareth Gordon seems to be winding up for some familiar reporting in the months ahead. But all his talking about “keeping your enemies close” in the context of Morrow and Dodds is just nasty speculative nonsense. Isn’t it?

  • goodgrief

    Going to a self-authored blog piece to support an argument!?!

  • younew?


    You new here? Michael is the least worst offender. Wait until you read one of Baker’s Russian dolls.

  • goodgrief


    PB generally does that for background not to support an argument.

  • Michael Shilliday

    I’ve done it twice, this time included. Do you disagree with my argument?

  • Frank Goddard

    maybe I am wrong but there is a big difference between the UUP and the DUP at the moment. IN the post 1998 era the UUP leadership did not listen to the dissedents. This allowed splits to fester.. The UUP leadership had set a course and no matter what they were going to stick to it.

    Fast forward to now. The DUP have clear the air meetings, as the media term it, or seesions were all views can be aired and debate can take place, as the DUP prefer to call it. This is in stark contrast to the UUP leadership mismanagement in 1998. They didn’t care what 42% of the party was saying they did their own thing.

    Further, Jim Alister said that if the party properly debates and if he gets a proper input as MEP, but the will of the party is against him, he will conform. He is able to say that because the DUP affords proper internal mechanisms and respects all views, despite the misconceptions of the media and the young unionist types.

  • Pete Baker



    *Harrumph* ;o)

  • Frustrated Democrat


    Seems to be more like papering over the cracks in the party…..I don’t believe from my conversations with activists there are small differences that can be reconciled with a sticking plaster.

    So the position now being adopted is the one put forward by the hawks and the FP’s which is basically no powersharing with SF using whatever pretex the DUP can come up with as a reason… firstly decomissioning, then policing, what next?

    At least in the ‘old days’ the party was honest with ‘smash SF’ ‘no powersharing’ and a ‘Fair Deal’ etc. etc. Why can’t the party be honest now and tell everyone what is really going on internally with the UUP split it was open and everyone could take a view.

  • J Kelly

    What is proper input from an MEP.. are some pigs more equal than others in the DUP

  • Frank Goddard

    I think some pigs are more equal than others in any political party. Some people are sheep and others are the horses sold to the glue factory. Its called life I think