“Get on with it”

A four member DUP delegation met with Tony Blair yesterday in what was described as a useful meeting. After the meeting Nigel Dodds called upon government and Sinn Fein to “get on with it” as “time is of the essence”.

  • Well, someone has to say it:

    Pot, kettle, black.

  • Terry Doherty

    Not in a political lifetime, anyone?

  • Ballymena Man

    Ian Senior can go on about IRA/Sinn Féin all he likes, but on the front page of this morning’s Ballymena Guardian he is standing shoulder to shoulder with local SF man Padraig McShane in Dunclug who stood for the party in Ballymena North in 2005. There is also a picture of the two standing together in the Ballymena Times.

    Now I remember a DUP Cllr in Fermanagh being apprehended for standing in a photograph next to a SF rep, who is going to apprehend Papa Doc over this one????

  • bo shank

    anyone remember what it was like at school disco’s? You’d spend the whole night eyeing up a prospective partner but never actually plucking up the courage to make a move. Then in the dying minutes you’d snatch a quick dance and that was it.

    Random thing to say. But i see similarities in the above scenario and the relationship between Sinn Fein and DUPs. Electoraly they both need each other, and both know that they will be getting it on in government eventually. DUP bought the Shiners a metaphorical drink when they said what they would nominate but Shiners are still talking to their mates and not paying DUPers much attention so they reckon they have been blown out.

    This nonsense will go on until as close to the end of the disco as possible when three scenarios will emerge:

    1: Their chaperones (the NIO) will push them together on the dancefloor

    2: Their chaperones will get fed up waiting and say stuff this we are away and bring the project down

    3: The shiners will flash a bit of skirt but not go the whole way (on policing). This will be enough for the chaperones who are fed up and want home anyway but not enough for the DUPers who have invested a number of drinks (concessions) and want more than a promise and need to go all the way or their mates will laugh at them and say ur the same as the UUPers who couldn’t score.

    my money is on scenario 3.

  • Scanner

    The photos of Ian with his local SF rep are up over on politics.ie. He can hardly say he didn’t know who he was, he stood for SF in B’mena last year!


  • Truth and Justice

    so much for all the so called infighting were is everyone now?????