DUP steadies itself again, for now at least…

I’m getting a bit of schtick from David Vance for my slightly clumsy intro to the Hearts and Minds programme on Thursday. I’ve re-directed his attention to the after match analysis and awaiting his view. The feedback on DUP meeting yesterday seems to be positive, after a week of jittery reaction. Peter Hain’s limitation on Sinn Fein, likely played well with them. And there are rumours that the deep freeze from the NIO on concessions is beginning to thaw.There is no word however on how Paisley senior’s meeting with the Free Presbyterian Church went last night. That would have been one to have been a fly on the wall for. The church is tiny: thought to have about 12,000 adherents. The largely apolitical Elim Penticostal church is where it is all happening these days in evangelical Protestantism.

But if you consider that the so called 12 apostles were mostly Free P’s, they represent considerable social capital inside the party at a senior level. The balance of opinion inside the church will not be decisive, but the extent to which they buy into the Doc’s plan, will contribute to the stability (or lack of it) in the weeks and months ahead.

  • Cato

    It seems that apart from Mr McKee, who is determined to plough his freelance furrow, the DUP dissidents at council level have been given an effective exploding thrust up the ass, as we say here in Rome because we are not familiar with rockets or even gunpowder yet.
    Regardless of how widespread dissent is, when it comes to choosing Assembly candidates, the party will reward those who kept their opinions in house.
    Is that perhaps one of the maggots being used to keep hold of those who would otherwise be speaking on the record.

  • Cato

    Though I should add – as a scribe once told me the strength of the party was that their members would never brief off the record, even with an assurance that the info would not be printed.
    The fact that they are now briefing off the record on constitutional matters, on which DUP councillors are banned by HQ from commenting, is dissent in itself and a sign of things to come.

  • Plum Duff

    The 12 apostles – the Taliban’s Taliban!

  • Doreen

    The largely apolitical Elim Pentecostal Church: you mean the Robinson family at prayer.

    The biggest coup for the DUP yesterday was to have Robin Eames, along with Harold Miller, underscoring its pragmatic view of matters.

    Whether you like him or not, Robin Eames is a big name on the world’s stage, and neither Tony Blair nor Bertie Ahern would easily or idly ignore anything he says.

  • Truth and Justice

    It looks like the COI are backing the DUP position on the St Andrews Agreement the UUP need to take that on board

  • Mick,

    For Free Presbyterian opinion and the imagined “buy-in” check out the Burning Bush site, and read the guestbook comments.

    I have read the “post-match” analysis and am content to continue to support the line advocated by Jim Allister.

    Finally, where do you get the idea that “the largely apolitical Elim Penticostal church is where it is all happening these days in evangelical Protestantism.”? The numbers are HALF that of the Church I attend.