Hey guys, this is how you do it…

Students from Northern Ireland in Stormont actually keeping to the breif…

  • XYZ

    Man! that bunch of girls just walked straight through the front doors – unchallenged!!!

  • Aaron McDaid

    Michael Stone or self important faceless EU bureaucrats, which is the biggest threat to democracy in Stormont today?

    Seriously though, if you listen to the introduction it was blatant pro-EU propaganda. Do these people have no shame? There are no-nonsense non-partisan practical ways to engage young people in politics, then there’s tripe like this. I hope that this was paid for by individual politicians’s or party’s funds, and not by EU taxpayer, but I doubt it.

  • smcgiff

    Could your wan in the opening sequence have hitched up her skirt any higher! Ah, the yuff of today! 🙂

  • The Devil

    what that an advert for the local paedo centre

  • Cormac

    Ah Jaysus lads – cut it out.

    Fair play to them, public speaking isn’t so easy and these students did a fine job. Perhaps we’ll see some of them on TV as politicians in the future?

  • Rubicon

    I couldn’t agree with you more Cormac! Sometimes I wonder what posters on Slugger see.

    I thought this an excellent exercise and in watching it I felt something I so very rarely feel – I saw a new generation talking politics and I felt proud of them. They did well and they gave me confidence in the future in a way our ‘adult’ politicians don’t.

    I deplore some of the earlier comments. Some people never make it from adolescence to adulthood.