Adams understands DUP has difficulties too…

In an interview in the paper version of An Phoblacht out today (but not yet online), Gerry Adams has congratulated Paisley for his powersharing signal and said he understands the DUP is taking as much heat as Sinn Fein on the ground. He also lays out the clearest terms and conditions on the type of department he wants to see controlling policing and justice, and has repeated the party’s stance on ‘no role for MI5 in civic policing’. He’s also offering to meet Orde, the DUP and the British to resolve these issues.

: Copy available at the Sinn Fein site.

  • fair_deal


    Did he use the phrase “no role for MI5 in civic policing” only?

  • overhere

    FD you will have to go out and buy a copy to see 🙂

  • Mick Fealty

    That’s my reading of it FD…

  • fair_deal

    Martin McGuinness used the same phraseology in that radio interview you linked to the other day. However, the original press statement said

    “Sinn Féin rejects any role in Ireland or in civic policing for MI5”

    Has someone been up the side of the barn with a tin of paint?

  • Confused

    Adams is reported in Irish Times as saying MI5 should be excluded from civic policing.By inference he accepts a role for them in national security.

  • circles

    Yeah – but not irish national security surely

  • PP

    MI5 build new headquarters in Northern Ireland-enough said.

  • Yokel

    If the Irish government wants MI5 to be helpful Circles……

  • circles

    hmmmmm but thats another kettle of fish Yokel – they would have no executive responsibility for national security in Ireland. They could provide information (they’re apparently very good at that – its accuracy of course cannot be guaranteed) but more than that would not be possible

  • Yokel

    The people who have a grip on Irish national security are in fact MI6, Circles, who have a strategic-level operation in Ireland fo rvarious reasons.

  • Yokel

    For various reasons…

  • Pete Baker

    Not completely accurate there, fair deal.

    It wasn’t a press statement, it was the motion passed by the Sinn Féin Ard Chomhairle.

    And the correct quote from that motion is..

    “We reject any role for MI5 in Ireland or in civic policing.”

    Despite what SF spokesmen have since been restricting their statements to read, that is the party’s official stance.. unless Gerry’s over-ruled the Ard Chomhairle…

  • nmc

    Has someone been up the side of the barn with a tin of paint?

    Yeah, big Ian. His sentiments during the twelfth seem to have fallen by the wayside…

  • Intelligence Insider

    The Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) operate in the Republic of Ireland only, it being a foriegn country and therefore falling under its remit. As a part of the United Kingdom, intelligence and national security operations in Northern Ireland fall under the remit of the Security Service (MI5).