Revenge of the residents…

AFTER the problems caused by students to residents of the Holy Land area of Belfast, and the lack of meaningful action by the two universities to deal with the issue, it seems some locals are taking matters into their own hands. The South Belfast News reports that “a number of student properties have been marked with red-painted crosses which carry the sinister warning that their properties will be damaged or burgled”. Which is apparently just what has already happened to some students…

  • jerusalem

    Are you saying that local residents have burgled houses ??

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  • Yokel

    Fair play to the locals. The Holylands seems to be hit far worse than other areas iof the university district by the up from the country crowd and they do need something done to them to sort them out.

    Maybe this will get the landlords who often do feck all to take some action.

  • seabhac siúlach

    Speaking from experience, it is not just the loud drunken ‘singing’ of students wandering through the streets in the early morning or the thumping music in the house next door where yet another ‘party’ is taking place that is the problem (intensely irritating as these noise problems can be). The real problem is the increasing low-level (high-level?) vandalism that is accompanying the drunkenness…,e.g., side mirrors and windows of cars smashed, grafitti sprayed on house walls, bus shelters thrashed, paint thrown, etc. If students act like animals (and God help us these are supposed to be the educated class, ahem) then they should be treated like animals. I would like to see this warden scheme introduced…there really needs to be some order brought back to the streets around the university. These wardens would need some hefty back-up though if they are to deal with roving bands of drunken ‘youths’…

  • Dr Strangelove

    Having lived in the Holylands in the early 90s, I can safely say that everyone I knew in the street where I lived had their house burgled. I was lucky, the house I was in was only done over the once, the next door neighbours were robbed 3 times in the space of 9 months.

    How many actual “residents” are there in the holylands now ? Very few I would think. It has always been a crime hotspot.

    Not too sure who was doing the burglaries then but a friend’s house was robbed and instead of taking the jar which contained some £40 in 5 pence pieces, the perpetrator left the empty jar. I suppose he was hoping my mate would have it filled again the next time he came visiting.

  • Tochais Síoraí

    Bloody hell, since when did students have stuff worth stealing?

  • Benn

    Lolly pops is it? Maybe every pub should have a stock on hand if they’re found to be effective. Of course it’s not just the Holyland, seems like this is one part of the world that gets noisier after dark, maybe Brasil is like that too though I couldn’t say from personal experience. Anybody who’s had a pint should put a muffler on their mouth of some sort when they hit street. And anybody who uses the public space as their personal latrine…. Cheers, Ben