It’s in their best interest…

FOR the first time in nearly five years, our Assembly members have revealed their outside business and property interests in a new register, David Gordon reports here. From Gerry’s country cottage “in the 26 Counties” to Sir Reg’s trips to the opera, the official list is all here.

  • Gorky

    Mark Robinson is still doing a part time job in marks and sparks?!?!?!?

    How does he have the time being an MLA and driving all round the country claiming 18K a year in expenses?

  • Chris Donnelly

    Interesting stuff indeed.

    That’ll be the last time the SDLP have a go at poor Gerry A for his summer home in Donegal, now that we know Carmel Hanna has her own Summer pad in Galway; whilst by his accounts, Alisdair McDonnell has a couple of pads where he could rest his head if he so desired.

    Alisdair is still finding time to work a couple shifts in his clininc as well, whilst I was interested to read that Arlene Foster works with Richard Monteith from Portadown- would I be right in assuming that’s the Richard Monteith of Drumcree road blocking fame?

  • What is even more interesting is Alasdair’s involvement in a medical firm that pays people to carry out experiments on them. How soon is it before he gets the Dr Frankenstein tag?

  • the estate agent

    does Dr Paisley not have a house?

  • mark

    Alastair is well known for his extra earnings

    Even if it might kill you.

    He’s not known as ‘the big banker’ for nothing.

  • Donnacha

    Fascinating list. I see most of the SF members are sticking to the “tell them nuttin” line and David Trimble is apprently no longer in the OO. But the Davy Crockett Country Club????

  • bootman

    Dodgiest interest of all goes to John Taylor and his land in the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus2- an entity not internationally recognised based on an illegal occupation.

  • So Dr Ian gets paid nothing for being a minister of religion? That can’t be right surely?

    And I’m still trying to figure out what exactly the “Northern Ireland Raptop Study Group” is – I knew our politicians were dinosaurs, but that’s just taking it too far.

    Still, bet they don’t get paid as much as Keith Moffatt (boss of Translink), who, according to yesterday’s Irish News, earns ten times the salary of the Polish Prime Minister (£374K)…

  • Err, that should of course be “Raptor”. 🙂

  • mcgrath

    All official bullshit.

  • NIRSucks – I’m presuming the raptors are a category of birds of prey. Although dinosaurs would be better……

  • Bushmills


    Paisley does not receive an income for his ministerial (religious, not soon to be Stormont) position.

  • rapunsel

    I don;t think the Shinners are just sticking the the tell them nothing line I would however be surprised to see membership of the IRA Army Council being declared. The thing with the Sinn fein members is — there is total commitment to the work of the party and little time for anything else. Whilst that may be a good thing for a political party determined to take votes and power it is also somewhat alarming I’d say there i a cost to those individuals and potentially to the rest of us being served by politicians with limited other interests especially of the un renumerated kind

  • Dublin Bill

    hmmm, so Paul Berry declined to provide details on his fess received for performing in the Village People tribute gigs then????? 😉