“We’ll look for you on YouTube there Janey…”

Picked this up from TCL this morning. Why Day Time TV is no longer the graveyard watch… Remember, when speaking unto the world, some of them will be listening…

  • Rory

    Oh I think there is a distinction between Gerry Anderson’s gaffe which had the merit of being heart-felt and this woman’s scatalogical faux pas. But rather than being concerned to be wary about such slips do not others find like me that tripping up on such howlers rather tend to endear the hapless pronouncer to us so that if even some one that we do not like utters such we are more likely to warm to them rather than descend into mock outrage and judgement?

    I think that is in our common weaknesses that we best illustrate our simple shared humanity.

    The late Auberon Waugh once, while taking to task that pompous old twit, Paul Johnson, for his po-faced attack on the comic magazine Viz in The Spectator opined that the best humour, certainly with children, was based around adults farting. So that if it was funny when father farted at dinner it was even funnier if the vicar did and an absolute howler if it was the bishop.

    Long may broadcast “farts” like this continue, we would be the poorer without them.

  • Cahal

    Not as big as Shepard’s little boob a while ago about Bobby Sands:


  • Rory

    That was not a “boob”, Cahal. Such inane triteness is the very hallmark of Fox. Even Homer Simpson funds it below his level of tolerant thinking liberalism and I believe that Barney considers it beneath him and rather the news channel for low-life bums.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Never mind that, out of two…