You just can’t get away from it…

OVER in Ayr recently, and this dispute was the splash on one of the local papers – controversy over a republican parade through the town. Then there was the loyalist paramilitary who plonked himself down beside me on the boat… you just can’t leave Northern Ireland behind, can you?

  • skinbop

    “Ayr was gaining a reputation as Scotland’s Alabama”
    What – its more like Alaska…

  • Belfast Gonzo

    The October day I was there, it was like the middle of summer. Natives quite friendly too.

  • eranu

    “Cairde na hEireann’s Jim Slaven said the move was a “denial of Irish rights in Ayr” and Ayr was gaining a reputation as Scotland’s Alabama. He added: “We are concerned this decision came after a meeting between police, Phil Gallie and Loyalists. We ask how many Catholics are in Strathclyde Police?.””

    what a plonker! do these people expect the rest of us to do anything other than laugh at them?

  • skinbop

    gonzo – natives in alaska are quite friendly also. some good times in ayr, dantes inferno, too many shillings, graveyard escapades, etc.

  • Bill

    you’ve got the rest of the union to help you along

  • Steaky

    Was it this loyalist paramilitary who relayed the tale of mirth regarding the elk’s all you can eat and a hunger strikers memorial?