Blogging from the BIIB…

Gary Kent, our roving parliamentary reporter, is in Belfast:

I am here to attend the meeting of the British-Irish Interparliamentary Body in Northern Ireland on Monday and Tuesday. It’s in Belfast for the first time. As well as a general discussion on the current political situation and a question and answer session with Peter Hain, another first is a session on the role of civil society. Ms Patricia McKeown (ICTU), Mr Duncan Morrow (Northern Ireland Community Relations Council) and Mr Michael Wardlow (Integrated Education Movement) will address the Body, after which they will form a panel to answer questions from the floor. I will blog direct from the Body.

  • Yokel

    As a taxpayer, can i get in to see this thing at work ad is there a free lunch?

  • the other one

    what a panel shared future yadda yadda, all together yadda yadda, bad unionists yadda yadda.

    they will really learn a lot about Northern Ireland from these three self serving individuals

  • prolefodder

    ‘self-serving’?! – what’s to do, the other one? how and in what way are they? just because they’re all associated with the NIO pacification wing? Now that the NIO’s favourite party, the WC have gone, the ‘liberal’ take on norn iron is left to bods such as these and the APNI. And who listens to the BIIPB anyhow?!