Orde to go?

The Sunday Life is reporting that Hugh Orde may not be seeking renewal of his contract come August 2007. If so, this fits with a scenario proposed that may illuminate Sinn Fein’s policing timetable, for it will be the Policing Board that appoints his replacement. Connect the dots yourself.

Also in the Sunday Life, Ian Paisley Jr is chasing Gerry Adams’ fingerprints in regards to the murder of two policemen in 1971, with Hugh Orde confirming that the case is part of the historical inquiries investigations.

Meanwhile, The Observer reports that Ian Paisley Jr is set to grill Blair on the status of Martin McGuinness: is he or is he not J118/Fisherman/a British Agent? Whether the answer is yes or not, the damage the question does to McGuinness just may make it possible for the DUP to do the deal with SF, as it will render the spectre of Paisley FM to McGuinness DM null and void. First Minister Paisley to Deputy Minister Ruane (for example) may just be what the Doctor orders.