Happy Birthday, Newshound!

The indispensable Newshound turns 10 years old today, celebrate by showing your appreciation! A chronicle of the peace process, it is a daily must-read and a gift for researchers using the web. Thank you, John Fay, and long may the Newshound continue.

  • ciaran damery

    A compliment from the loathsome, deceitful (mar shampla, constantly saying shit like, “as a nationalist..blah”) alleged MI5 agent and part of a minature axis of evil, wiich also includes the S&M freak Sean ocallaghan and madcap Harris. All of whom worship at the alter of the satanic Cruise O’Brien. Ha!

  • Greenflag

    Well said -Rusty Nail – John Fay’s Newshound deserves a mention and the financial support of those who make use of his excellent service.

    Don’t be bashful send John Fay the money and while you are at it don’t forget Slugger can’ t survive on fresh air either 🙂