Bell to sound time on UUP/PUP pact?

The BBC NI news suggested that some time today the assembly speaker Eileen Bell may, finally, rule on the vailidty, or otherwise, of the UUP/PUP pact.. I did say it might take a while.. Meanwhile, UUP MLA, Esmond Birnie has stated that he believes the most recent IMC report “renders the UUP’s pact with the PUP untenable.” Update BBC report – “The assembly speaker Eileen Bell has ruled that the assembly link between the UUP and the PUP is contrary to the rules of the assembly.” [Not much to review then? – Ed] More Responses hereQuote from the BBC report

“I am someone who has said previously that the UUP pact with the PUP would always have to be conditional and subject to rigorous evaluation in the light of events.

“The litany of events over the last four months has been deeply disturbing,” Mr Birnie said.

“As it stands at the moment I believe that this report renders the UUP’s pact with the PUP untenable, and I await the speaker’s ruling on whether that pact is permissible under the Rules of the Assembly in any case”.