Rate your solicitor…

Once, becoming a lawyer in Northern Ireland was a ticket to a big house in Cultra, or the Malone Road. Now in post-conflict Northern Ireland, the work is getting scarce and competition tight. And to making it even tighter, here’s a nice wee site where you can rate your solicitor… and find out about others…


  • Rory

    Oh dear. Mick. You’ve left youyself wide open on this one. Expect a raft of lawyer jokes. I do hope there’s a prize for the best one.

    I remember when my daughter aged about 7 asked me the “Who can I marry, daddy?” question and I, good liberal, non-prejudiced, non-judgemental dad replied, “Why you can marry anyone you choose, darling”, before hastily reflecting and adding, “Except a lawyer or a politician of course”.

    (Submit word on this one :”Father99″. Almost – but not not quite).

  • T.Ruth

    Young couple crash on way to wedding. At the gate to heaven they ask,”Can we get married if we come in?” St.Peter says,”What religion?” “Free P.”,says the guy. “Hang in there until I check” says St.Peter.Three weeks later he comes back and says,”OK”. “Come on in.” “Just a minute”,says the girl. “What happens if it doesn’t work out? Can we get divorced?” “Forget it,” says St.Peter-It took me three weeks to find a minister-how long do you think it would take to get a solicitor?”

  • They are being sued in Kerry. Check out the kingdom newspaper

  • Bem us ed

    Seriously Mick – you’d need to watch yourself on this one. Linking to a website which offers all sorts of disgruntled ne’er do wells and professional moaners a forum to make completely subjective, unsubstantiated and possibly libellous allegations against Solicitors and Barristers is only asking for trouble. Trust me – all it takes is some twat to make a completely malicious allegation on the site and you’ll find yourself a party to a libel action.

  • Bem us ed

    In fact – I’ve just had a more thorough look through the site – it’s practically littered with libel and I would imagine will be either shut down or sued to kingdom come within the week.

  • Donnacha

    Hmm, nothing quite so volcanic as an affronted lawyer. Except possibly adoctor, but I digress. If they legal fraternity are finding it tough up north, they could always move south where the pickings are immeasureably richer.

  • Greenflag

    This is the first sign of hope for NI in a long time 🙂

    Where there is law there is injustice -(Thrasymachus -Greece 500 BC )

    Where there is no law there is even more injustice :((Greenflag -2006 AD )

    Where there is a surfeit of solicitors/lawyers/attorney you can be sure that there will be a surfeit of litigiousness and ever more ‘lawyer’ jokes . Familiarity with the machinations of the law breeds contempt and ever more familiarity breeds even more contempt .

    Society needs these ‘b######ds just as we need real politicians. The human body cannot continue to function without it’s excretory mechanism. It’s part of the human condition.

  • Weapons of Crass Instruction

    A group of final year history and final year law students are holidaying in California when one of the group has the bright idea of hiring a dinghy, laoding up with bucket loads of beer and other fishing gear and taking themselves out into the ocean for a spot of deep sea fishing.

    Out our intrepid band go and as the afternoon passes they are getting slowly more and more swallied until amongst much jovial tomfoolery one of the lads accidentally snags both his hand and then the dinghy with one of the fish hooks.

    Well the dinghy is slowly deflating and blood from yer mans hand is dripping into the water consequently attracting any local sharks in the vicinity. Our group of scholars are becoming more and more panicky and frantically trying to contact the emergency services. Finally the dinghy deflates completely.

    In a frenzy of bloodlust the sharks, in the blink of an eye, zero in on the three history students and start chomping, gnashing and knawing away at them like two men and a wee lad until, after a matter of seconds, the history students are nothing but pulp and scraps of bloodied flesh at which point the sharks swim away leaving the law students unharmed.

    The Coast Guard finally arrives and winches the group of law students to safety whereupon the shocked law students recount their horrific story. One of the Coast Guard staff asks increduiously why the sharks attacked the history students and left the law students unmolested to which one of the law students replies aloofly…professional courtesy.

    Oh dear,

    I’ll get me coat

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Be mus ed: “Hmm, nothing quite so volcanic as an affronted lawyer. Except possibly adoctor, but I digress.”

    But a lovely one it is…

    You do realize the chief difference between God and a doctor is that no one has ever caught God playing doctor…

  • The Beach Tree


    Funny, I’m sure I heard some guy went round ancient Palestine claiming to be god, and healing lepers and the like….hmmm

  • Dread Cthulhu

    TBT: “Funny, I’m sure I heard some guy went round ancient Palestine claiming to be god, and healing lepers and the like….hmmm”

    A) The carpenter’s son was a rabbi, not a doctor. You can tell that on the grounds he didn’t charge the leper and arm and a leg… Not that the leper necessarily had them to start with…

    B) I have absolutely no doubts that the chiurgeons of the day sought out the lawyer equivalents to deal with this intrusion into their profession.

  • The Purulent Newt

    The rate your lawyer site has already disappeared.

  • You can still access RateYourSolicitor.com at

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