Blair to begin departure on May 29th?

It looks like Guido and Iain Dale were pushing at the right door, in suggesting that the fuss over the last few days was some kind of spin. Today the Sun has a clear timeline for Blair’s departure ‘from his aides’: he will resign as leader of Labour on 29th May next year, and as Prime Minister on 26th July. The purpose of the gap is intriguing. But as Brian O’Connell noted on Morning Ireland this morning, it does Gordon Brown no favours to be left as the bridesmaid for the guts of a year. Locally, it is likely to harden the resolve of the British government to push for settlement in time for a May election.Barring another polaroid moment, it’s hard to see any of the players to duck their electoral responsibilities this time round. The train may arrive late for 24th November, but Blair and Hain will pull out all the stops to seal the second generation Donegal man’s premiership with some kind of positive result in Northern Ireland: which looks set to be a hugely more persuasive valedictory note than Iraq.


  • Martin

    Resign as leader on 36th July?

    I realise he’s a powerful man but I didn’t realise he could amend the number of days in the calendar 😉

    (my shout at the early morning pedantry award)

  • Mick Fealty

    Freudian slip… 🙁

  • Scotsman

    Hmmm…Blair might have links with Donegal, but like his alleged Scottishness, it’s not something that impinges on his everyday life. The guy is basically English- and they are welcome to him.

    I’ve long taken the view that Labour should ditch him in 2007, giving his successor time to appear novel, while making Cameron look like another failed Tory from the Blair era, but not so much time that he gets mired in new policy failures.

  • T.Ruth

    Is Mr.Blair giving us an indication that the timeline for an Assembly might slip back to May 2007 and that May 2007 is when he expects the Assembly to begin functioning in real as opposed to shadow form. He clearly wants to add clear evidence of his victory over terrorism in N.Ireland to his victory over terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq and elsewhere.
    He will also be PM in July 2007 and may wish to walk with the Loyal Orders down Garvaghy Road to see how his Coleraine promises to the people of Northern Ireland have worked out,with the Concerned RA welcoming all concerned in a gesture of respect for equality,parity of cultural esteem, inclusivity and diversity.

  • Harry

    Blair has no intention of resigning in my opinion. It will take wild horses to drag him away from power, as is often the case with politicians. This ‘timeline’ that is being given by ‘aides’ helpfully forgets to mention that a very large war in the middle east may well be under way or impending by july of next year, allowing Blair to suggest to the public that changing horses mid-stream would be unwise. Thus he will attempt to slip in another election victory and another few years of Prime Ministership.
    That’s my prediction anyway.

  • Greenflag

    Gordon Browns chances of becoming PM are looking slimmer IMO . By May of next year who knows? A week is a long time etc etc .

    A pre-emptive ‘engineered ‘ strike on Iran’s ‘nuclear ‘ facility could yet see TB hanging on .

    Anyway apart from his ‘mistake’ on Iraq his record as British PM at least from an Irish perspective has been largely positive . Certainly he achieved a lot more in NI by his ‘dithering’ than Margaret Thatcher ever did with her uncompromising so called high minded ‘principles’

    Politics is after all a ‘dirty’ business, and absolutely necessary for the maintenance and stability ofany society and it’s various ‘factions’.

    When you don’t have real politics – as has been the case in NI for the past 80 years or so then you have the alternative . A lot of people in NI seem happy with the alternative as being the lesser of two evils ?

  • Hang in their Tony and dont let the bastards get you down! A sound economy, comparitively low inflation, employment looking good and more nurses, doctors and police than ever before is an infinitely better situation than the mess the Tories left us with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eric the viking

    Without Tony there would be no National Minimum Wage, one million fewer jobs, no smaller class sizes in primary schools and no sustained investment in the NHS.

    Tony today and Tony tomorrow!

  • Brian Boru

    Hope he stays long enough to implement “joint management”. 😉