Magners busts Guinness’ hold on Irish drinkers?

Aye, right...The phenomenal rise of Magners cider has to be seen to be believed. I know guys here in England who’ve never drunk cider before puzzling over why within twelve months of its GB launch they all to a man now drink Magners. Now it seems that in Ireland Bulmers increased cider production is accounting for some of a substantial dent in the scale of Guinness drinking which could have major implications for Diageo’s global marketing strategy.

In February Diageo revealed Irish Guinness sales had dropped 9% in the first half of its financial year – the steepest fall yet. Andrew Morgan, president of Diageo Europe, had little hope of an imminent reversal. “Historically, per-capita consumption has been very high and we are likely to see a reduction in pints consumed in an evening … that is likely to continue.” The group has previously tinkered with marketing but appears to accept consumer trends are running away from Guinness in Ireland.

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