New Championship proposals to cause Saffron stir?

The Draft Hurling and Football Championship and League GAA proposals have been sent to the counties for discussion, and no doubt there will be plenty of that!

From an Ulster perspective, the biggest losers in both football and hurling in these proposals are Antrim. Under the new rules (if implemented by Special Congress in October), Antrim would be dumped from Division 1 in Hurling and, incredibly, the proposals would lead to the potential scenario that an Antrim football team could win two provincial championship matches but still be denied access to the Qualifiers, whilst its two defeated opponents gain automatic entry to those Qualifiers!

Outside of Ulster, Sligo and Longford-both of whom have enjoyed decent runs in the Championship in recent years- will have particular reason to be annoyed for similar reasons, as both face being dumped out of the Championship altogether if they fail to get into their provincial final.

The proposals- which are quite lengthy and detailed- also include provision for the creation of a South Dublin team to participate in the hurling league structures, in addition to the Dublin county side.