New Championship proposals to cause Saffron stir?

The Draft Hurling and Football Championship and League GAA proposals have been sent to the counties for discussion, and no doubt there will be plenty of that!

From an Ulster perspective, the biggest losers in both football and hurling in these proposals are Antrim. Under the new rules (if implemented by Special Congress in October), Antrim would be dumped from Division 1 in Hurling and, incredibly, the proposals would lead to the potential scenario that an Antrim football team could win two provincial championship matches but still be denied access to the Qualifiers, whilst its two defeated opponents gain automatic entry to those Qualifiers!

Outside of Ulster, Sligo and Longford-both of whom have enjoyed decent runs in the Championship in recent years- will have particular reason to be annoyed for similar reasons, as both face being dumped out of the Championship altogether if they fail to get into their provincial final.

The proposals- which are quite lengthy and detailed- also include provision for the creation of a South Dublin team to participate in the hurling league structures, in addition to the Dublin county side.

  • Aaron_Scullion

    Ho hum. I’m bored of the GAA’s procrastination. Dump the national league, keep the provincial championships but make them unrelated to the all-Ireland, and then bring in the open draw that is the only way forward.

    Too many cooks, etc etc

  • Chris Donnelly

    I’m with you on that one, Aaron, except I’d like to see a champions league style groups of four for the championship, with top two going onto the last sixteen in an open draw format.

    This would also allow for provinces to determine alternative means of organising their provincial championships than the current knock-out system.

  • More Importantly

    I think the GAA have more pressing matters like losing their terrorist links and reforming into a non sectarian sport. Then these more trivial issues can be addressed.

  • Aaron_Scullion

    yamn to comment 3..

    to comment 2.. Not opposed to that Chris. I also think there’s some merit in arranging it so the weaker/less-successful counties have to play off for the right to go into the all-Ireland. Possibly some sort of co-efficient/ranking system is developed, and the top 12 teams go in automatically, and 4 places are reserved for weaker teams who compete for the right.

    Thing is, the impact on the club game is important. Unless, of course, the GAA bites the bullet and says that top players won’t play for their clubs, as has happened in rugby..

  • lough

    This will hardly help the smaller counties to progress in football. Fermanagh for example,would never have reached the all Ireland quarter & semi finals in recent years, had the new rules applied, eventhough the were there on merit.

  • Keith M

    “From an Ulster perspective, the biggest losers in both football and hurling in these proposals are Antrim.”

    I’m not a believer in conspiracy theories, but could this have anything to do with the recent terrorist rally in Casement Park?

    I’d criticise the GGA authorities in many ways, but stupid, they’re not!

  • Henry94

    I’m not concerned about football but I think something more radical is required for hurling.

    What about dividing Cork and Kilkenny into City and County for the All-Ireland and Tipperary into North and South riding. Then the likes of Offaly, Wexford, Limerick, Waterford and Clare would be contenders more often.

    I know the three leading counties have great traditions but they are too strong for the good of the game.

    It could be tried out in the league.

  • The problem with using the provincial championships as the route to the All-Ireland is that the four provinces have an unequal number of counties. If it was four provinces with eight counties each, it would be less of a problem. As Chris said above, a group stage followed by knock-outs would be the logical way to go.

    In order for the weaker teams to have late-summer football and hurling, a shield competition for the non-qualifiers from the group stage could be run in parallel with the knockout phase of the All-Ireland campaign proper.

  • Brendan, Belfast

    well Keith, as these proposals have been in preparation for more than year i think your consipracy theory is just that.

    why do those who come up with these proposals have to over complicate things?

    let Antrim hurlers enter the Leinster championship and breathe new life into Leinster and give the Ulster hurkling champsionship the undignified death it deserves.

    as for the groupings in the proposed football divisions – very unfair! Antrim lost three league games by a single point in the last campaign and won two games. meanwhile the likes of Tipp are in Division 3? and if the Tommy Murhy format isnt working because no-one is interested – dump it and say thanks to Sean Kelly for making a decent effort! the qualifier system is working just fine at the moment and should be left alone.

  • IJP

    Doesn’t sound like a recipe for success, this one.

    The lesson from other sports is: keep it simple.

    Frankly I don’t see a whole lot wrong with the format as is – can anyone enlighten me?

  • Can’t Help myself

    I was just waiting for a GAA thread to say.
    Come on Mayo !
    Mayo abu !
    What a match, suck on that Dirty Dubs, resort to violence will ye !
    Kingdom what may I say.
    Sorry folks I am off thread but I am so excited. I did not see the match but there is a bar in Sydney that is doing a replay for us tonite …. No Dubs allowed.

  • Henry94

    I did not see the match but there is a bar in Sydney that is doing a replay for us tonite

    You’re in for a treat. It was a fantastic match. I hope they beat Kerry.

  • Dan

    Help a Canadian out…

    who are TRADITIONALLY the top 3 counties in Hurling and Gaelic Football?

    Hurling: Cork, Kilkenny, Tipperary
    Football: Kerry, Dublin…and ???

  • brendan,belfast

    Awful word ‘traditional’ – how can the Dubs be classed as a top 3 county when they have won one all Ireland in 23 years?

    at the moment Tyrone, Armagh and Kerry are the ‘big 3’.

    if by tradition you mean looking back over the last 100 years then yes the Dubs woul dbe there – but arguments could be made for Down, and even Cavan based on that rationale.

    no arguments from me on the hurling selection.

  • Glen Taisie

    Antrim hurling requires a bottom up approach re internal club activity.

    Changes at National ;evel while unhelpful don’t maskthe reality that club hurling in Antrim has never in my memory been so weak.

    The sleeping giant needs to be awoken

  • dantheman

    “Help a Canadian out…

    who are TRADITIONALLY the top 3 counties in Hurling and Gaelic Football?

    Hurling: Cork, Kilkenny, Tipperary
    Football: Kerry, Dublin…and ??? ”

    AFter Kerry and Dublin there are anumber of teams that are at the same historic level, eg Galway, Cork, Down, Cavan, Meath.

    “The sleeping giant needs to be awoken”

    I wouldnt ever have described them as giants of hurling, about 11th strongest historically I would guess. But they should be admitted into the leinster championship alongside Galway. Have a Munster and rest of Irleand championship. Let down into Leinster also if they can win the christy ring.

  • John

    I had always thought the best way forward would be to have an open league in hurling (2 conferences of 6 teams), which is used to determine the seedings for the all-Ireland quater-finals. This could kick off in early June with the provincial championships going ahead in March to May as a warm up session

  • Dan

    Is there a specific reason Kerry is so strong in football but not hurling…while neighboring Cork is strong in BOTH?