Let the PSNI investigate crime – Derry priest

A Derry priest has called on parishoners in Gobnascale to let the PSNI investigate crime as the alternative is “the law of the jungle”. His public stand was backed by a demonstration of 50 local people.

  • Spartacus

    Its good to see yet another public figure, giving their support to the ONLY legitimate police force in Ulster. Lets just forget about Sinn Fein and their long outdated views on policing.

  • Dave

    This is a good sign. no fear of the SF/IRA thugs. Well done to thoses who participated in the protest

  • I think that vigil actually happened after the attack on Paul McCauley last month and was reported locally, but then the story is dated August 3.
    Sorry to be pedantic. Fair play, though.

  • Jacko

    I don’t suppose, truth be told, that the shinners will be terribly annoyed by this development. It will help lay the ground for where they know they eventually have to go anyway.

  • Occasional Commentator

    My first thought was that this was organised by some Shinners for just those reasons.

  • Jacko

    Occasional Commentator

    That crossed my mind as well. There’s nothing like eventually reacting to a “groundswell of public opinion” that you’ve helped create in the first place.
    And it really doesn’t matter either way, as long as they do move to supporting (or as they will likely describe it “holding to account”) the police.

  • gorbal

    well done to gobnascale….never forget the charlie carruthers of this world…reject the ruc/psni

  • gobna

    for those who dont know, chatlie carruthers got a bullet in his arse while working near gobnascale…thats how we treat peelers and how they should be treated

  • austin

    Gobna AKA Gorbal

    I sense a bit of trolling by pathetic losers to undermine the good people of Gobnascale

  • Yer Woman

    It’s all well and good reporting a crime to the Police, but it would be nice if they, 50% of the time at least, actually FOLLOWED UP on the crime reported rather than do absolutley Jack-all. Maybe they need a television crew in tow to actually do their jobs these days.

    The vast majority of us in Derry would rather have the Police sort a crime out than SF and their muckers, but time and time again the PSNI do not hold up their end of the deal. It’s a hopeless situation, as a gleek at the state of the Galliagh Estate will tell you.

  • real

    it would have suited the priest to stand up and support the people when the ruc was killing our people
    did s/f tell the priest what to say seeing they are going to back the ruc

  • DK

    YW: “It’s all well and good reporting a crime to the Police, but it would be nice if they, 50% of the time at least, actually FOLLOWED UP on the crime reported rather than do absolutley Jack-all.”

    Welcome to the real world of moaning about the police as practiced all over UK & Ireland. They never turn up & when they do they look like they’re barely out of school.

  • Michael

    Those RUC/UVF scum will not be allowed into free derry – they are scared just now to go in and will never be recognised

  • Yokel

    Its as if the priest and his little crowd have done something almost sacreligious.

    Sad to tell ya Michael, the cops are in Free Derry, they have been for 30 years and they continue to be, otherwise you wouldn’t know what they look like. Got to love yer grandstanding empty phrases, in fact it gave me a laugh and thats a wonderful thing.

  • jaun

    you can spot the English / southerners a mile off can’t you ?

    imp afraid occasional might have a point, whilst the outward appearance of people standing up to IRA mob rule is pleasing, either these people have balls of steel or the whole show has been preordained, given the timing, I’d have to say my money’s on the latter.

  • dub

    this is hopeless stuff…

    demo was addressed by ex sinn fein mayor of derry lynn fleming… demo was not in support of what priest said but in support of family whose home was attacked…because home of a community activist standing up to local hoods..it was same incident that prompted priest’s outburst…

    please get your facts straight…