10% charge rate for sectarian crimes

The Irish News has revealed that of the 1470 sectarian crimes in Northern Ireland last year only 142 have resulted in charges or summons, a 9:1 probability of getting away with a sectarian crime. Brian Feeney is fed up with official hot air but little official action.

  • Garibaldy

    What is the charges/summons rate more generally? I think this is higher than the rate of charges for rape for example, but stand open to correction.

    This definition of sectarian crime also misses the numerous statements that constitute incitement to hatred by politicians, newspaper columnists, not to mention posters right here on slugger.

  • Crataegus

    I am surprised it is as high as 10%, but that portrays my own level of confidence which is probably shared by many.


    misses the numerous statements that constitute incitement to hatred by politicians

    That is one that I would love to see vigorously pursued. If you want to set a standards go for those in public gaze. Of course won’t happen. Our anointed class of indulged individuals seem to live by standards alien to most mortals and considerations like work and remuneration are concepts that have esoteric connotations. So for these people the idea that brain first and tongue second are of lesser importance than representing the tribe and all its deviance in a manner that attempts to justify the inexcusable. So barbarity and wanton violence becomes a natural out pouring and the causality oppression.

    The weakness of democracy is it needs representatives who can lead constructively for if it doesn’t you are reduced to inertia as representatives who are careful follow and very careful not to offend their support can never make the decisions necessary to move a society forward.

    In NI context there are there actually politicians I have come across in my travels doing as good a job as they can to secure investment here and improve the place, but unfortunately they don’t tend to be the ones who get publicity. So second problem of democracy is the need for a vigilant and analytical press all to easy to rattle of the same old poison and unquestioningly repeat the words of hate. How can you expect prosecution when those who should know better can’t even recognise the problem? It has become endemic and our view corrupted.