Hostages to fortune…

JUSTICE campaigner Raymond McCord has been told by the police that his life is under threat from the UVF (the second death threat from the UVF linked to McCord this month). McCord’s campaign has been strongly supported by Ulster Unionist MP Lady Sylvia Hermon, whose party, coincidentally, has the UVF’s political wing in its Assembly group. I’d love to know how she feels about this. The UUP was supposed to be in there stopping this kind of thing, yet neither it nor the PUP seem able to do so.

  • Occasional Commentator

    Maybe this has already been considered and decided against but I think the main link in a post should be put in bold. When a post has a lot of links, like this one, it can be difficult to work out which one is the main one; in this case ‘under threat from the UVF’.

    Apologies for this rather pedantic post, I got the idea from the front page of Wikipedia.

  • Thanks for the tip OC – I think I might employ that technique at EU from now on. I think it would definitely help with posts like some of the ones here where there are lots of links.

    On topic, at the very least I’d want to hear loud noises of condemnation from the UUP, and they’re definitely right to be “reconsidering” the assembly link. Is it really worth it for a seat they’ll never get, and an ambition (disarming loyalists) that could well be completely unaffected by said link?

  • elvis parker

    Well if the UUP MLAs vote to keep the PUP link next week they’ll be crucified. Mind you if they end it then Sir Reg is a dead duck.

  • heck

    Let me get this right

    a northern Ireland protestant is under death threat from a protestant terrorist group whose political wing is aligned with the UUP and whose military wing is aligned with the PSNI –and unionists won’t shear power with a group who supported a war that has been over more that a decade!!!!!

    And you guys try and tell me the reason is nothing to do with keeping fenians out of power.

    Cut the crap guys and tell it like it is!!

  • bertie

    Why should the fact that the unionist party that got rejected by most unionists links itself with a terror group (and has been pretty universally condemned for it by unionists)mean that another terror group should be in governement?

    God knows what “whose military wing is aligned with the PSNI ” is meant to mean.

  • Slartibuckfast

    Was the murdered McCord actually in the UVF himself? I thought I’d heard that on television lately but I’m not too sure. Does anyone know? Apologies if I’m mistaken.

  • Rory

    The greater problem of course is that everyone is under threat of death from the UVF – catholic, protestant, dissenter, innocent by-stander or babe-in-arms and most of all, UVF members themselves. It beggars belief that in a modern European democracy such an organisation is allowed to thrive.

  • ha_ha_ha_he_he_he


    Yes, young Raymond was in the UVF & was also a well known drug dealer at the time of his death. He was actually caught with drugs not long before he died, by the police, coming back from somewhere foreign I believe. AND was also involved in some murky dealings for and with the UVF! FACT

  • gareth mccord

    previous idiot!
    obviously your a member of the uvf
    ask yourself why you hide your id?
    also do you really believe that you can say so called facts expecting people to believe with your id sarcastically written!
    the facts are raymond was caught with cannabis for haddock!
    after he shunned the MOUNT VERNON uvf and they got caught attacking the golden hide bar in portadown he was a marked young man.he was not a member as the leadership in a meeting bunter told my father he was not schooled to be a member FACT
    you have a right to your own opinion but gets facts right before you write. DONT BELIEVE THE UVF SPIN TO BLACKEN RAYMONDS NAME

  • ha_ha_ha_he_he_he

    Do you honestly think that Raymond would’ve told u’s everything? Come on Gareth!! Thought u’d more sense than that!
    And, no, I’m not a memeber of the UVF, r u?
    My ID’s a representation of who I am, a funny guy, likes a bit of a laugh now & again, that’s all. Not funny tho when the shoe’s on the other foot, eh Gareth?
    I do not feel the need to disclose who I am & it’s my prerogative.

  • gareth mccord

    your humour ties in well with your I.Q.(0)
    what is your opinion on this topic of another death threat?
    or have you just came on and do an ervine and spin a u.v.f. denial.
    if you’d thought i had more sense then why would anybody with sense be in the u.v.f.
    wise up you are fooling no one jester and stop hiding behind your embarrassment(WHY DOES YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS NOT WORK)?

  • ha_ha_ha_he_he_he

    Because I do not feel the need to discuss things in private Gareth…that is why!

    As for this alleged death threat (from the PSNI) can u not see what is happening here? The police are doing this, putting the mix in, whatever u want to call it. They are good at it mind! If ur father’s life was under threat, do u not think that something would’ve happened long before now?

    I’m not on here to argue with u Gareth, I just hate bias, there are 2 sides 2 every story & only u’rs is put across on here, that’s all!

    I hope whoever did kill raymond is put away for a very long time, honestly! But we all know that he was hardly a saint.

    As u well know, David Ervine’s link with the UUP is seriously under threat so y would he bother to get himself involved with this if he knew what he was saying to be untrue?!?

  • ha_ha_ha_he_he_he

    Who is it going to be next, the police are out of control! The sooner this ombudsman report comes out the better I say!
    They are more than likely sitting back & laughing at the effects of their silly but highly dangerous idea of fun!

  • gareth mccord

    “previous fool”
    what side do you speak for the u.v.f.
    you agree with none of the facts like ervine and deny he is under threat?
    i’ve told you the uvf spin wont wash with the decent folk you fool nobody but the fools of the uvf. as for anything happening by now ask your friends why? BULLY BOYS ATTACK THE FEARED AND WEAK NOT THE STRONG AND WISE!
    wise up malone!!

  • ha_ha_ha_he_he_he

    Malone? Sorry, I am a tad confused Gareth!!

    I don’t speak for any side of the UVF (how many sides are there?!)

    I just happen to be a rather well informed guy who would love to see justice in this case as much as the next, although I do not like individuals being run down eg Ervine, when certain people cannot see past there own conceptions.

    As ur only form of defence is attack, I shall not be returning to this topic, I have better things to do than to waste my time ‘arguing’ pointlessly with a boy who thinks he is something special!

  • gareth mccord

    “fool” malone
    you are a “well informed guy” by uvf scum not by decent people who can see and hear ervine for what he is. ask the dorrian family what they think of ervine now? im not a boy and i am special because i speak out against idiots like yourself who are fooled by fools! i will attack attack always against idiots like yourself as thats what yous deserve with your twisted minds.