MICK was good enough to forward me an email from academic Peter Shirlow, who took exception to a previous post which implied he’d carried out research suggesting growing segregation across Northern Ireland. Shirlow’s research argues that it’s only increasing in some places (eg Belfast interfaces). This is, as he wrote, “a very different thing”, and therefore means there’s not necessarily a conflict between Shirlow and other (earlier) research mentioned. Only too happy to provide the correction; full email copied below the fold.On 8/21/06, P Shirlow wrote:


I was just reading some of your comments on the book (Belfast: Segregation, Violence and the City) I co-authored with Brendan. Your response is based upon an article by Suzanne Breen. You state that the research she quotes is challenged by a CRC published paper by Ian Shuttleworth et al.

This is an mis-informed statement.

Firstly, the report came out prior to the books publication and thus could not be based upon the book’s content. Moreover, there is no challenge to our work in the CRC paper.

Secondly, we do not state that segregation has increased.Nor have we ever done so. If anything we amake the same arguments that are contained within the CRC publication.

I would prefer it if you re-wrote the statement in such away that it does not suppose that we challenge the work presented in the CRC paper and vice-versa. To be honest I am fed up with people saying that I have undertaken research which shows that segregation is increasing across NI when this is not the case. I have argued that it has increased in some places which is a very different thing.