A meaty issue…

FIRST I hear one supermarket chain is told it can’t advertise Monaghan beef as ‘local’, then a local wholesalers chucks out thousands of pounds of meat cos it has a little Irish tricolour on the packaging and some retailers returned it. Who would’ve guessed Irish meat was such a political hot potato?

  • Miss Fitz

    You’re joking about the meat with the tricolour right?

  • Irish in America


  • John Maynard

    Let’s see how everyone who complained about the Union Jack logo at B&Q reacts to this…

  • smcgiff

    Hey, as long as they paid their supplier they can use the meat for mattress stuffing as far as I’m concerned!

  • cladycowboy

    ‘Let’s see how everyone who complained about the Union Jack logo at B&Q reacts to this…’

    ..because they are so comparable. I doubt there would have been much furore if the packaging containing the B&Q outfits had a Union flag on it.

    This isn’t quite as bad as the flower arrangement mope but worse in terms of waste of good product.

    ‘We’ll only sell meat with packaging containing the butchers apron in this butchers!’ 🙂

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Miss Fitz

    I have an eye witness!

    It should be noted that this wholesaler probably throws out thousands of pounds worth of goods every week (eg dented packaging), but probably not for this reason.

  • Fraggle

    John Maynard, no-one is being asked to wear a pack of meat!

    A closer comparison would be the ‘British Beaf’ sold through Sainsbury’s with union flags on the packs.

  • Keith M

    I can totally understand how meat from Monaghan cannot be described as “local” as it technically comes from a foreign country but the tricolour is ridiculous. (Just as ridiculous as the union flag nonsense at B+Q).

  • Occasional Commentator

    Monaghan is not in a foreign country from NI, according to no less an authority than Westminster.

  • Keith M

    OC, perhaps “forign” is overstating it (e.g. I never see the UK as a forign country) but food labelling is being governed by increasingly restictive legislation. Calling a produce from outside the locality (let alone from anoth juristiction) as “local” was never going to fly.

    The same applies in this country. AFAIK produce from N.I. cannot be called “Irish”.

  • Miss Fitz

    I’ve noted an alarming development in this case.

    Apparently a huge quantity of meat has been destoyed in Fermanagh as it was green:

    Where will this all end?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Miss Fitz

    Ick! (But also kinda worrying.)

  • k

    Who was the supermarket and who told them?

  • ceannaire

    Have worked in meat plants for many years and the repackaging of meat that has been (way) past its sell-by-date and/or produced somewhere else is a fairly regular thing.

  • Tochais Siorai

    Maybe it was nothing to do with the triclour, perhaps they just felt guilty about the mass production of animals so that we can kill them and eat them in industrial quantities.

  • nmc

    Perhaps it’s not so much about a green white and gold sticker as green white and gold meat. It’s disturbing the crap that some companies allow to be sold as consumable meat. I could name another couple of companies who use pretty shaky meat but I’ll not bother, in case I get taken up for slander or whatever it is.

  • Droch_Bhuachaill

    Those feckin crafty nationalists trying to colonise the north with their feckin nationalist posies and their feckin nationalist dead animals! down with this sort of thing