more from the creative project in the Mournes

These are poems which have been donated by another writer after my original visit.

I Heard It From An Irani

I heard about it form an Irani
Teherani to be precise
As opposed to a Shirazi
Actually the equivalent of Kerry…I digress,
But the links exist
The land of the rewards for martyrs
Who never heard of the maze
Or internment
Or rubber bullets
Or Irish eyes are smiling
Or Great Victoria Street
Or the Belfast City Hall
Or the Mountain Road
Or Atticall
Have heard of Bobby Sands
And named a street after him
Rue de Bobby Sands
Downtown Teheran
In Iran
I heard about it from an Irani

H Block Locks.

Linda knew before anyone else.
They were in her garden,
And her neighbours
And the other neighbours
Across the street
Followed by the army
And then the police.
They went over the back
Leaving no tracks
And escaped the H Blocks.
You see she lived across the road
From the H Blocks
And thought like everyone else
There was locks.
Apparently not.