Violent attacks up, explusions down…

This is not a problem confined to Northern Ireland, but Peter Robinson has expressed surprise that a high levels of violent behaviour towards school staff are not being reflected in school explusions (just fourteen over the last two years). He quotes the teacher’s organisation INTO which claims that up to fifty teachers are leaving the profession each year citing attacks as the reason for their going.


  • Pete Baker


    The levels of pupils expelled because of the violence may be of revalence..

    I’m not convinced that the recording of ‘assaults’ is similarly noteworthy.. unless we’re also saying that the assaults deserved expulsion..

  • na

    If the reduced expulsions indicate mechanisms have been put in place to deal with and alter unaccetable behaviour, great.

    If they indicate a greater acceptance of violence against teachers, crap.

    btw: Are the INTO figures Robo quotes all-Ireland or regional? do they include teachers from other Unions? What exactly is an estimate of how many leave the profession for this reason? Who does the estimating and how?

  • T.Ruth

    The important thing is that PR has focused attention on a serious problem,not only the violence directed against staff but the disruption caused to the education of the vast majority of decent young people by a minority of thugs.
    All assaults should be reported to the police and the offenders taken to court where stiff deterrent sentencing should be the norm for an offence of such significance.

    I am of the view that bullying should be dealt with in a similar fashion. The bully boys and girls should be regarded as having directly assaulted their victims and handed over to the police.

    It should not be a part of the job for teachers to face or deal with physical or any other kind of threats.

    Violence and disruptive behaviour in our schools is a growing and endemic problem and Peter Robinson is to be congratulated for bringing it to public attention.

  • bob&terry

    takes someone who knows about smacking people around to talk about bullying

  • willis


    Good questions

    There does not appear to be anything recent on the INTO website reflecting the PR quote. Great website btw.

    The UTV quote refers to “the province”.

    I have to say that both Robinsons have made much more intelligent comments and asked better questions than the DUP’s Education Spokesman.

    That said he was a teacher once.

  • GPJ

    Is the case in the six counties as in England and Wales that a school will be fined for expulsion?

    If thats the case then the question should be put to the direct rulers and civil servants who administer education here, on why a head has to make a choice between a cut in their already tight budget or keeping a thug in the school.

    My experience is that exclusion should work for both pupil and teacher. Exclusion should trigger agencies who can come to the assistance of problems pupils may have and try to address them.

    As always though I fear that our education system is being controlled by accountants and bean counters, not educationalists.

  • Rory

    GPJ hits the nail on the head. “Education, education, education” as promised by Blair means exactly that our education system is being controlled by accountants and bean counters, not educationalists. That is what Blair meant, though many were fooled to believe otherwise.

    His drive is to produce a system where the children of the poor are to be reduced to the level of untermenschen with all the social stigma and lack of employment opportunities and hope of avoiding a descent into the greater stigma of criminality that that will bring.

    The rest will get what they pay for. It is considered that the fear of their children dropping into the state untermenscen category will motivate even low income parents to take menial second jobs at “market” rates (i.e. shit pay) in order to buy their child’s way out.

    Blair’s future economic welfare will be the more greater enhanced the more he builds the basis for the delivery of this social inequality. He has no meaningful parliamentary opposition that may stand in his way and I suspect organised mass civil disobedience will need to be organised to take him on. Now that would be a good inter-community exercise for the concerned people of Northern Ireland.

  • tiny

    expell them to do what?