Flickr Site for Memorials to the Troubles

I remain mindful, indeed reminded almost every day, that although the intense violence of the Troubles has ended and we have had ceasefires for many years, other issues remain painful and ever present. As I have lost no-one in the period, I am always conscious that I have no right to speak for anyone, and that the journey and process of grieving needs to be endured in its own time and alone.

However, time slowly moves on, and as a society we will remember those who have lost their lives. It is done privately, in communities and when the time is right, on a broader societal level. Here on Slugger threads, we’ve broached the idea of a joint commemorative event or Memorial for all the people of Northern Ireland, and I think a broad consensus thus far would appear to be against. I’d like to look at that debate again, and invite you to look or participate if you can, on a group I created on Flickr for Memorials of the Northern Ireland Troubles.

It’s just starting out, but this is an invitation to contribute your thoughts here, or your pictures on Flickr.