Belfast’s hard-working students…(!)

IT might be the sixth cheapest place in the UK to go to university, but more students hold part-time jobs in Belfast than any other part of the UK. What with all the intensive studying no doubt going on, sightings of traffic cones on car roofs are becoming increasingly rare on University Street…

  • Garibaldy

    How can we expect people to benefit properly from a university education, when nearly two-thirds of students work as well? It’s no wonder that plagiarism is on the rise, that students come to class unprepared, and that lecturers have increasing demands on their time to attempt to make up the shortfall. This is not the consequence of the implementation of tuition fees as much as the abolition of grants.

  • Moochin photoman

    Never mind the traffic cones, i was looking for shots of “sneakers on wire” for an exhibition in nz.
    Having lived in the Holylands it was the first place i visited…….to no avail. Seems like the initiative to get the noisy baaastaaads to quieten down and behave has been resonably sucessful!
    Anyways I eventually found a pair dangling just of the Lisburn Rd.
    Now is this because they are buying their sneakers themselves from their hard earned cash or because they have wised up and realised that its just bloody silly. You used to see quite alot of clusters of shoes, like some sort of a rubber/latex wind chime!
    FYI urban myth has it that “Sneakers on wires” denoted that a drug dealer was operating in the area and was a way of blooding new gang members & marking the territory.
    Perhaps with this in mind the UDA feud is contributing to this lack of sneakers as there is a “drug drought” on allegedly, as dealers keep their head down waiting to see who comes out as top dog. This could also be a determining factor in why so many students are now working as they are unable to make a little on the side from sorting their mates out!
    Just a thought

  • Belfast Gonzo

    There was a pair on a phone line in Cromwell Road for absolutely ages. Guess you missed them!

  • Moochin photoman


    it was the first place i went…no longer there if you know of anymore i’d be interested