IRA bomb defuser dies…

GEORGE Cross recipient Lieutenant-Colonel George Styles has died. He was probably best known for his work disabling IRA bombs during the Troubles, pioneering techniques that are still around today. A man, I’m sure even his opponents would agree, who had more balls than most.

  • slug

    He put his life on the line for the benefit of others.

    George Styles – I salute you.

    May you rest in peace.

  • bertie

    Here here slug!

    A true hero!

  • circles

    Fair play to you sir.
    I hope that we will neer again have need of the services you provided.
    “more balls than most” is a decent tribute Gonzo.

  • A tip of the hat to Mr. Styles. His intelligence and his courage astonishes.

  • Anon

    Yes. He saved many Unionist and Nationalist lives by defusing terrorist bombs. A true hero. What do you think Mick?

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  • Since George Styles died nearly a year ago, why are spammers recalling his demise?

    Could it be just more British covert operators hoping to keep us in the dark about what they are still causing?

    Sure seems so, given the continuing, most unexpected downpours in Britain’s West Country.

    We don’t need a bomb defuser now, but those who can defuse man-made weather.

  • Watch my back

    May he rest in peace,

    “And then a large beam of light descended from the Heavens above, No it wasn’t the Lord, it was Charlie 21 alpha with the Night Sun”

  • I am much more concerned about your front, Watch my back.

    Why all this most dated tribute to this most dead bomb defuser? Haven’t we enough current problems without looking into the history books for those who solved some minor problems nearly 40 years ago?

    Get a gripe on reality, WMB!

  • Cruimh

    Thanks for the chuckle Trow 🙂

  • I am still waiting for one from you, Cruimh, much less a modicum of good sense.

  • Turgon

    Trowbridge are there any events at all anywhere in the world which have ever not been all part of vast conspiracies?

  • Of course, the vast number of events which occur daily in the world are not the result of some, dark conspiracy, but you, Turgon, turn reality on its head by contending that a few dozen incidents that I think, after considerable research, are the result of plots are the sum and substance of reality.

    It just demonstrates how screwed up you are.

  • Cruimh

    Turgon – great film on tonight BBC2 – “Dirty Pretty Things” with Audrey Tautou -worth watching if you haven’ seen it.

  • Dewi

    “Considerable research” you are having a laugh !

  • Cruimh

    That’s you added to the list of conspirators Dewi.
    There had to be a least one in Wales 🙂

  • Kevin Binchy

    Why did Kevin Myers not write about this hero? If he was a sectarian Provo bomber, there would be no end of eulogies to him. As if blowing up schoolgirls and old folk was a heroic act. Farewell, freedom fighter.

  • Turgon


    Thanks for advice re film. Extremely good if pretty dark.

  • Cruimh

    Best film I saw in 2002 Turgon!