Dissident Republicans call it a day

Independent Fianna Fail is to merge with Fianna Fáil after a thirty plus-year rift with the party’s only deputy, Niall Blaney, joining the Fianna Fail parliamentary party. Independent FF was founded in 1973 by the late Neil T. Blaney following the Arms Crisis. As a result, Fianna Fáil TD Jim McDaid, who opposed the merger, has reversed his decision to retire from politics. Should make for an interesting general election in Donegal.

  • Henry94

    Will they be trying to win three out of three for Fianna Fail? Can’t be done. Good news for Sinn Fein I would say.

  • Mick Fealty

    His cousin (Neil T’s son) is dead against it. No prizes for guessing where those votes are headed.

  • slug

    “No prizes for guessing where those votes are headed. ”

    Where are they headed? Sorry, I have little feel for this.

  • Keith M

    This is a huge story and it isn’t getting a mention on RTE. Perhaps their pol-cors are off on holiday and can’t be arsed going to somewhere like Donegal.

    My understanding is that this is a mutually beneficial arrangement. the Blaney vote has been in steady decline and there is every posibility that they could lose the seat next time out.

    McDaid was not going to retain his seat, his drunk driving killed his career, even in a place like Donegal.

    Up to yesterday the smart money was on 1 FF and 2 from FF, FG,IFF and SF (in that order).

    With Blaney on the ticket FF should take two seats, if the IFF organisation follows their man, but thee is reason to believe that this may not happen. What McDade is doing is anyone’s guess, the man has been shown to have very flakey judgement in the past. Perhaps he had a replcement for his seat earmarked and now than plan is down the toilet.

    I’d still call FF for two seats but the third seat is very hard to guess. It should be FG based on the 2004 locals, but will the dis-affected IFFers put up a candidate or roll over to SF? It looks like the last election with Donegal having two constituencies is going to produce two cliffhangers.

  • Mick Fealty

    My guess is that the IFF rump will go Sinn Fein.

  • Fraggle

    McDaid is total disgrace and should have resigned after his drink-driving scandal. With the amount of deaths on Donegal roads recently, this man is the worst possible sort of person to elect. If Fianna Fail only win two seats, I’m hoping that McDaid loses out.

    Slug, read the links that George has provided and try to have a stab at it. It’s not difficult although I appreciate that you might want to adopt an air of indifference about these ‘foreign’ matters.

  • slug


    Being serious I can get my head around US, French, German politics quite easily, but have no nose for Irish politics. I have never got a decent reply to the question of whether FF is to the right of FG.

  • Keith M

    Just a couple of other points. Apparently part of the deal was that Bertie Ahern would issues an apology for the treatment of Neil T. Blaney by FF. I haven’t seen this. Has anyone got a link?

    Also if my memory serves me right, this is the first time since 1944 that any party has held all the seats in one constituency. That time is was down by FF afer a by-election in Kerry South.

    Donegal NE is therefore a nice reverse of Kildare North where for the first time in in any constituency, FF has no representation.

  • heres hoping

    What happens to keaveny if mc daid gets back on the ticket, and fg are having their own difficulties ni Donegal NE. Sinn Fein with an very good candidate in yound Padraig McLaughlin have a very good chance of a seat.

  • Mick Fealty

    I imagine Cecilia is the safest bet. Her vote is fairly solidly Inishowen, and I’d be fairly sure she’ll continue to get transfers from what remains of the IFF block.

  • Keith M

    Keaveney’s seat should be safe because of geography. She cleans up in the Inisown area. It may not be enough for a quota, but it should be enough to get through on transfers.

    FG should learn the lesson from 2002. Having two candidates who split the vote down the middle is a receipe for disaster. They now appear to be going with one candidate.

    Don’t forget that in 2002 FG out-polled SF by more than 2:1 here. It’s very unlikey there will be any significant leakage from FG to SF. SF therefore need to get more than half of IFF votes to be in with a chance, or else get transfers for McDaid etc.

    Georgrapghy will play a major part here.

  • Nathan

    The Sinn Fein candidate for Donegal’s North East appears to be devoid of any whiff of cordite…he should get high recognition for this in the polls.

  • bootman

    McDaid to run apparently (or at least seek nomination)


  • Henry94


    I have never got a decent reply to the question of whether FF is to the right of FG.

    If you ever do, be sure to pass it on to the rest of us.

  • Keith M

    About time RTE caught up with the story. Apparently McDaid is back in the race because FF in Leterkenny is not impressed by losing “their” TD. The whole thing seems to have been very badly organised and given the bad felling FF could go from three seats right now, down to one.

  • páid


    I have never got a decent reply to the question of whether FF is to the right of FG.

    If you ever do, be sure to pass it on to the rest of us.

    Posted by Henry94 on Jul 27, 2006 @ 01:19 PM

    Excellent, dear Henry!

    slug, it’s simple: FF have a 3-point strategy

    A. Get in power

    B. Stay in power

    C. Go to A

    The policies, principles and the rest of the bullshit follow the 3-point plan.