Talkback on NIR online ticket fiasco…

Talkback is raising the topic raised and discussed on Slugger by Fair Deal: ie the unavailability of NIR crossborder tickets by the internet.

  • Ulick Magee

    To the sound of a fanfare I bet the Consumer Council are interviewed about ticket prices. I contacted them recently about ticket problem pretty darn tooting useless (not the staff) but the toothlessness of their remit. NIR are a shower and have been for long time.

  • Mick Fealty

    Fifteen minutes to go and nothing yet…

  • Ulick Magee

    i think davids been caught in another round of the slowest talkers in northern ireland who whistle while they talk who are age over the age of 40

    oh separate note why is bbc ni so bad – hugo fupping duncan now theres a theme for you mick – how can we improve bbc ni output

    i’m away to find the off switch on my radio

    uncle hugo – complete guff

  • Nestor Makhno

    One thing that has really started to annoy me out of all sensible proportion is Good Morning Ulster disguising pre-recorded interviews as ‘live’ interviews with our local hacks.

    ie – Wendy ‘interviews’ a national figure – but in reality she is popping questions into the gaps of a pre-recorded track of an interview that someone else (probably in London) has done hours before.

    It certainly undermines local newsreaders’ credentials as seriouus journalists – more like bad acting.

  • All I can say is Thank GoAT! for Gerry Anderson. He keeps me sane in the marnin!

  • Peking

    What has really started to annoy me about Good Morning Ulster is the obviously laboured “lighthearted banter” between the presenters. It’s so false it’s embarassing.
    Thank God for Gerry Anderson is right.

  • John Maynard

    Good Morning Ulster and Talkback are both under the remit of Kathleen Carragher.
    Any complaints should be directed to her – or, perhaps more usefully, at her.

  • Sean

    On a related subject does anyone know the producer of Hearts and Minds who persistently lets a certain blogger present a hypocritcally sanitised version of a blog which regularly endorses mass murder and encourages racial and religious hatred?

    What does the producer have to fear from this publicity-hungry idiot? Shurely we should be told…

  • Bemused *

    Until Radio UDA continues its indefensible practice of using the Unionist community’s nomenclature (i.e. ‘ulster’, ‘province’ etc.) in marked preference to that of the Nationalist community (‘the North’, ‘the six counties’ etc.) it can do what it likes – I and thousands like me won’t give it the time of day.

  • Bemused*

    Oops – should have read ‘discontinues its indefensible practice’.

  • gg

    Some people must sit around and think of ways to be offended. I can just imagine the big green marker used to score out UTV and Radio Ulster etc. in TV Quick. At least they wouldn’t have to watch Julian Simmons.

  • Ulick Magee

    Green marker surely not orange………

    See Ronan Kelly leaving UTV 105FM……

    Oh stop the world another crap radio station with limited output.

    When was the last time that we witnessed something original from BBC NI.

    Take for example talk back which has become a platform for davey to showcase how fair minded ‘why can’t we all live together’ rhertoric. Bull shot Davey you engender enflame encourage these monkeys to phone into your show and talk sweet FA about sweet FA.

    Talking of big waist and someone with big waste steven fecking nolan – there must be a point were someone must hang their head in shame.

    oh hearts and minds why do they have to repeat it twice on thursday sick of seeing noel ‘jermey paxman thompson’. oh so bad……….

    so Mick Fealty lets have a debate and pose the question – the bbc ni – value for money?

  • Nestor Makhno

    The only radio show worth listening to is William Crawley’s Sunday Sequence (although I guess you need to have a 18 month baby to have any sane reason to be up and about at 8.30am on a Sunday morning though…)

    But it’s worth a listen – the religous element is not too tedious – and the slightly philosophical bent on the week’s event is quite refreshing. More interesting certainly than the usual nationalist/unionist duelling which most shows seem to require.

  • peter jenkins

    whats wrong with the bbc ni its value for money and i say that sincerely.

    beyond the obvious personal stuff the bbc provides a quality output at a cost within the public purse

    the quality of output is indeed worthy of any radio and tv station throughout the world

  • ulick magee

    nestor some away from the light and the dark side of the force…..ifs its bbc then its shite no matter how much you polish it up

  • B e m u s e d

    It never ceases to amaze me when people react to the odious bigotry of Radio UDA with a hypocrtical ‘you’re only going out of your way to be offended’-style comment. Try imagining a scenario whereby Unionists were forced to pay a significant sum of money in order to bankroll a supposedly ‘local’ radio station and that station then proceeded to exclusively describe the Northern state as ‘the North’ or ‘ the six counties’ throughout the entirety of it’s air-time. There would be utter fucking outrage.

  • B e m u s e d

    *yawn* ‘#######’ should read ‘ b i g o t r y ‘

  • Penelope

    “so Mick Fealty lets have a debate and pose the question – the bbc ni – value for money?” Ulick Magee

    personally I really like the “Across the Line” Thursday night dance programme… ATL in general is far better than any *alternative* station I get here in that I hear things on it that never get airplay in the US and are far more interesting than the standardized playlists most stations air

  • ulick magee

    bemused – did you expect anything different, so calm your chops big boy

    how about this – bbcni presenters marks out of ten

    i’ll start –

    noel thompson 4/10
    mark carruthers 6/10

  • Animus

    “ifs its bbc then its shite no matter how much you polish it up”

    A thoughtful and considered opinion, there Ulick. BBC has some excellent output and some absolute rubbish. ATL produced Colin Murray, love him or loath him, he’s local and he’s done well for himself.

    Penelope – much of the ATL stuff is quite good. An advantage of NI being small and ignored is that ATL’s producers don’t get lumped with a bland playlist, a la Radio One. I haven’t listened in a long time, I wouldn’t go in for the dance stuff, but they played a good range of stuff that people might not hear otherwise. Internet radio has met the needs of niche markets in the US, but it’s nice to be able to turn on the radio and listen to something new and interesting.

  • Why does everyone always get so hot and bothered

  • Bog warrior

    News & current affairs output is definitely getting worse on Radio Uladh. I’ve started listening to Today FMs Last Word from 4.30pm to 7pm. Its light years ahead of the Beebs Evening Extra programme. You can get it at 105.5 FM in the North.

  • Penelope

    funny how a train thread gets derailed to an anti radio ulster rant !?!?!?

    (pun intended but well-suited)

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Listen guys, you should be pretty thankful for the quality of BBC NI current affairs output compared to the rest of the UK. If you have Sky, try sitting through “Look East” this evening at 6.30 for a change then come back and tell me what you think.

    Admittedly there is probably more “real news” to report back home than here but apart from the delectable Julie Reinger (weathergirl) there is precious little of any interest.

    From memory BBC NI produced “As The Beast Sleeps” and “Messiah” – pretty good drama.

    Translink is prepostourously bad by the way. There are lots of complaints about public transport here but the natives don’t realise how good they have it.

  • Penelope

    animus… ahh the wonders of internet streaming!!!

    while the sound is OK listening thru headphones when one is slogging away at work internet radio just doesn’t do so well compared to the stereo @ home… *sigh* if only i could get ATL thru my stereo…

    can’t comment on the train situation… having been on the trip down to Dublin just once during my most recent visit my partner handled the booking… no grumbling sounds

  • gg

    “There would be utter fucking outrage.”

    I wouldn’t care at all – that’s the point. Don’t forget you brought up the dull dull pointless problem of nomenclature, not me! And unless you have a TV, you don’t actually pay for Radio Ulster.

  • michael

    sarah travers – 5/10 (nothing to do with her, its just that ‘family focus’ shite bores me!)

    donna trainer – 10/10

  • canwebanulstermanplease

    “donna trainer – 10/10” ? surely not!

  • ulick magee

    Animus – yes it was rather thoughful comment, why call it any other way. Thankfully as a licence payer i’m entitled to make and voice my comments. I agree Colin Murray is funny but please explain why BBC NI has to copy so many BBC parent company programmes such as Have I got news from you with that bearded bucko from hole in head gang. What upsets me most is the posters outside ormeau road with the chummy BBCNI presenters all looking happy. I would too if i knew i was being paid a fortunate for such excrement programmes.

  • wild turkey

    its the bland anodyne ‘lets not offend anyone’ approach of bbcni that disappoints and does not deliver ‘value for money’. given the lack of political accountability here bbcni is in a unique, and necessary position, to stir up the shit storm on a range of issues; political, cultural, social etc etc.

    but alas the beeb is part of the problem, not the solution.

    anyway my sources inform howard stern is available.. for a price

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Strange how some people will go on a 10 mile detour to be offended – how they must lack in confidence or be totally paranoid.

    It could offend me that some people refer to the six counties or the north when they correct internationally title is Norhtern Ireland – but who cares whatever keeps them happy.

  • Dexter

    Mark Carruthers getting more marks out of ten than Noel Thompson???? No way. Noel is one of the few class presenters on BBCNI. I have to agree about Today FM’s evening show. The Last Word is great, especially on Fridays. Matt Cooper is very well briefed and fully prepared. The standard of his journalism is streets ahead of BBCNI’s equivalents.

  • Frustrated Democrat

    or even Northern Ireland

  • gg

    I love the dulcet tones of the BBC NI continuity announcers.

  • Aaron_Scullion

    Nestor Makhno,

    One thing that has really started to annoy me out of all sensible proportion is Good Morning Ulster disguising pre-recorded interviews as ‘live’ interviews with our local hacks.

    ie – Wendy ‘interviews’ a national figure – but in reality she is popping questions into the gaps of a pre-recorded track of an interview that someone else (probably in London) has done hours before.

    I’m quite confident that doesn’t happen. The interview may be pre-recorded (nothing wrong with that), but there’s no way the answers are recorded in the absence of an interviewer.

  • Brendan, Belfast

    how can anyone commentate on BBC Radio Ulsater output without mentining the wonderful Latre Shoe each Monday thru Wednesday? its a delight while Ralp McLean’s saturday evening show is too. HGavent heard his mid afernoon daily slot yet – work and all that.

    but i concur with earlier posters, Gerry Anderson wins the day – every day.

  • I just wish to say that Translink is crap. Am I on the right thread…?

  • Anyone else notice the bizarre resemblance between Anodyne, and Ardoyne? No? Bit like Devine and Devil? No better?

    Just me then. I’ll leave then shall I?

  • Levi

    Translink are a shower, and have been since the year they changed from the wee 60p square tickets. What is needed here is another independant company that can give them a bit of competition, at the minute htey have none and therefore set their own standards.

    Radio Ulster.. I like some of the content, but always turn off as soon as that eijit Hugo Duncan comes on. Love it or Loath it, it is what we have.

  • mnob

    Integrated transport my a*se – do you know there is no such thing as a combined bus/train ticket here. I live in an area (infrequently) served by bus and train. As there are often big gaps in the service (apparently they didnt realise that *each* train needs a driver whenever they ordered the new ones – so they are short of train drivers) it quite suits to get a bus one way and a train the other – to / from the same point by the same company (ie Translink). When you raise the issue of combined tickets with them they first look at you as if you have 2 heads – then say their ‘systems’ couldnt cope and then say they will make a note of it.

  • Nestor Makhno

    Aaron_Scullion “the interview may be pre-recorded (nothing wrong with that), but there’s no way the answers are recorded in the absence of an interviewer.”

    Aaron – Sorry, I wasn’t suggesting the interview was recorded without an interviewer! Just that the interviews are being carried out by a different BBC national reporter in London. Their questions are then dubbed out, the tape sent to Belfast and then Wendy or Conor get to drop their piercing questions into the dubbed gaps.

    Presto! the BBC get to roll out what appears to be a locally produced spontaneous interview – when in actually fact Wendy, Conor, and Seamus are all reading from scripted questions – and have to act in such a way that the person is replying to them. It must be quite surreal to have to do it.

    I’m sure Paxo would tell the producers to get stuffed.

  • canwebanulstermanplease

    sarah travers is definetly worth more than 5/10.

  • ulick magee

    sarah travers and Jo scott now team them up BBC and I’ll never leave my sofa

    wheres my sock