On the buses, again…

IT was mentioned on one of the threads earlier, but I think this public transport forum – Transtink – deserves a wider audience. Remember Translink’s boast last year about Metro buses every 10 minutes on most routes? Well, it doesn’t apply over the summer (at least not on the route I live on!), thanks to the holiday timetable, which runs all July and August.

So I’ve decided to take my life in my hands and started cycling to work again – which gets me there about 10 minutes faster anyway. The only problem is that on Royal Avenue, some bus drivers have nearly run me over on more than a few occasions…

Maybe they’ve been reading Slugger or listening to Talkback…

  • Moochin photoman

    Most, if not all of my moochin is done by bike and has been for the last year or so. My advice is to defend your lane…..if the driver behind thinks he can get past you they invariably will try to. If you sit out just that little bit extra they won’t.
    Dont have headphones or anything that will affect you hearing the feckers trying to squeeze you out!
    Look ahead and watch for the idiots who only look once in your direction at a junction, they WILL pull out in front of you.
    As you said your journey time is reduced and you’re helping yourself get fitter and helping the environment too.
    Yes you are taking your life in your hands but by following these tips you’ll be grand.
    Out of intereset is there funding available for the creation of dedicated cycle lanes? If the Govt or EEC are providing such funding perhaps it would explain why there is a dedicated cycle lane through the old shipyard/”Titanic Quarter”

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I hope to return to the subject of cycle lanes.

    There are a few very dangerous ones in Belfast, one that is about 12 feet long, and another that floods to about four feet deep of river water and sludge at certain times of the year.

    These ones are really, really badly designed and downright dangerous, and clearly demonstrate the half-hearted commitment the DoE has towards anything other than the car.

    I think there are grants for cycle paths. Try searching in here: http://www.sustrans.org.uk/

  • na
  • na

    Some people end up having to get public transport because of this.

    Lot’s more to see via the links on the site. Some openly showing their angelic wee faces.

    (these are Belfast ‘joyriders’ home videos so probably work safe)

  • Animus

    I cycle most of the time too, my one concession to exercise and a quick way to work.

    Ride in the middle of the lane Gonzo, a driver will give you as much room as the space between you and the kerb. Don’t forget to wear a helmet! I find on Royal Avenue the pedestrians are more of a problem, as they sashay in front of you blithely. Fortunately, my journey to work is primarily on a good cycle lane, but many of them are woeful. Or people park in them, rendering them totally ineffective.

  • Nestor Makhno

    As far as daft and/or dangerous cycle lanes go, it would be hard to beat the one at the end of Ormeau Avenue (where it turns on to Cromac Street).

    The lane is approximately eight feet long but the really insane thing is that it is marked on the outside(!) of the junction – meaning any cyclist using it will be immediately cut off by any cars turning right forced out into the middle of Cromac Street.

    I’ve looked at this lane a few time over the past month and still can’t figure out why it was drawn there – unless Road Service have a plan to exterminate all would-be cyclists?

    Get rid of it now!