Was bishop bashed or praised..?

THE reforming bishop who spoke at the Orange Order Twelfth demonstration in Maguiresbridge, Co Fermanagh last week is a special advisor to a group which wants the Church to ordain and marry gay people, the Irish News and others report. The Right Reverend Henry Richmond has recently also urged an end to derogatory anti-Catholic language. Now that he’s off back to England, did his message resonate with any Orangemen? Or is he forever the outsider who just doesn’t understand the local situation? Was anyone here at the Field?His reconciliatory views , as noted by Mick, have attracted a bit of mixed reaction, though not the open hostility that Orangemen like William Bingham or Brian Kennaway suffered.

What do the rank and file think of him and the ideas he promotes?

  • At least he didn’t urge cooperation with the Parades Commission.

  • Oops, was wrong there …

    Part of the rich tapestry. I hope he had a nice day anyway.

  • piebald

    don’t subscribe to the Irish News online but on Tv news reports that evening there was a loud “RUBBISH” heckle from the gathered Brethern when the Rev. urged
    reconciliation and an end to derogatory anti-Catholic language.

    But maybe it was the occasion that got to the angered heckler. As another woman interviewed about the Twelfth commented “it really gets the adrenaline going”, something the Nationalist community know only too well.


  • fair_deal

    “there was a loud “RUBBISH” heckle from the gathered Brethern”

    One person shouted once.

  • Piebald

    “One person shouted once.” fair_deal

    short and to the point eh ?

  • esmereldavillalobos

    My in-laws were there (and ended up in a photo in the “Impartial Reporter” no less) and ventured over the water to see us last week. I had heard the heckle(s) on the TV and commented to my father-in-law (or shit-stirred if you will) about the good reverend and his speech. There was a grunt in reply and little else. I think that probably sums up the grass roots reaction quite nicely.

  • darth rumsfeld

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  • terry tadpole

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  • terry tadpole

    Reverand Richmond isnt an outsider hes a native of Newtownbutler.

    Id have loved to have been at the field when he starting talking about the penal times, that would have been something to see.