Setting up the ‘North Antrim Question’…?

SOME nice manoeuvring in the Lords has brought about the potential end of the unamendable and undemocratic Order in Council, should the Nov 24 deadline not be met. If it isn’t, it means that Westminster laws for Northern Ireland can be amended – rather than accepted wholesale or completely rejected – to take account of local circumstances. It also reduces the ability of the Government to threaten parties here with laws they don’t want – a situation that the DUP would benefit from more than most after a close-run general election.

  • Pete Baker

    Here you go Gonzo.. you can read the relevant quotes from the third reading of the NI (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill here..

    As well as some other related matters :op

  • lib2016

    “It also reduces the ability of the government to threaten parties here with laws they don’t want.”

    Aye lad! Or as they say in South Armagh “Up the Rebels!”

  • Belfast Gonzo


    I know, I read it on Wednesday. I just like to think we have similar interests, but different perspectives!

  • JR

    “The times they are a changing!”

  • This has been something ALL the smart cookies in the UUP* have wanted, and schemed behind the scenes to achieve, for over a quarter of a century. The fact that we achieved FA in that period, whilst it’s now being served up on a plate to the Yahoos is another little disturbing sign and wonder.

    In more straightforwardly cheering news, what’s that I hear about the Polis having had words with an infamously lawyer-prone UUP peer, in connection with all that £££ for peerages ballyho? Why, if those of us who told the Turtle at the time, ‘don’t take his money, don’t give him one of those, you’ll eventually be rumbled’, are proven right yet again, well, the sound of the We Told You Sos will be desperately boring for everyone else.

    *Patron saint: Enoch; Lay Vicar-on-Earth, K Rove, esq.

  • Gonzo


    He’s also a litigious chap, so let’s be careful!

    However, Trimble was known to have offered at least one other peerage to someone – David Ford – though obviously this wasn’t for money.

  • Londonderry Loyal

    The UUP must have employed some smart cookies, because they didnt have them on board a while back when they ignored the unionist electorate and lost a lot of seats in both council and assembly level!!