Txt yr m8s in Irish…

MOBILE phone users may soon be able to text in Irish. The SBP and UTV report that Vodafone is considering adding Gaeilge into their predictive text dictionary.

  • Happy days – now Gaelic can suffer the same butchering that English has received at the hands of Nokia and friends.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I’m just looking forward to Lord Laird demanding predictive text in Ulster Scots…

  • LOL I suspect the business case for that may be some way off.

    I’ve had objections to some instances publicly-funded Gaelicisation (?) in the past, but if Vodafone believe the business case is there then that’s their business (literally).

  • Belfast Gonzo

    I’ve no problem with that. If they think it will make them money, why not?

  • Stephen Copeland

    u kn always txt n ga. i ofn do. jus w/out de predictive thing, which i h8 anyway.

  • Another good point SC – I don’t like the “predictive” text function either. Surely all the accents and stuff would be a pain in gaelic, would they not?


    Chke r la?

  • McGrath

    loada ballx

  • eranu

    whats the point in texting in gaelic? you will only get ‘what?’ as the reply.. actually i see the business angle now. all those extra texts to explain in english what you were trying to say in gaelic will make vodafone a couple more quid alright 🙂

  • nmc

    Because predictive text only accepts the correct spelling of words in the English language, I think people generally improve their ability to spell by using it. I haven’t a clue what all the text speak means.

  • Stephen Copeland


    … whats the point in texting in gaelic? you will only get ‘what?’ as the reply

    That depends. If you are texting someone with whom Irish is your normal medium of communication, then why would they be surprised?

    It is actually a spoken language, you know.

  • eranu

    i know stephen. only having a bit of fun 🙂