“Do you know a good lawyer?”

The main reason why some local journalists have suddenly turned their focus onto Henry McDonald’s previously discounted speculation on the DUP and Blair’s potential successor is the air of crisis that has engulfed the current tenant of Number 10. And, while some of the usual suspects are repeating their calls for resignation, a more significant assessment of the situation comes via the Observer’s recently named Political Journalist of the Year, Andrew Rawnsley. As he points out, whatever happens in the intervening months, September will see a renewed focus on the cash for peerages investigation.

The police have already filed two preliminary reports with the crown prosecution service. The final report, on which the CPS will decide whether or not to bring prosecutions, is expected to be delivered in September on the eve of the Labour party conference in Manchester. If charges are brought at that point, they will have an absolutely incendiary effect just as Tony Blair is about to face what was already promising to be a extremely febrile gathering of his party.

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  • heck

    is’nt it the unionist position that people tainted by “criminality” are unfit for government?

    I assume there will be no talking to the british labour government.

    come on guys where is the consistancy


  • Turbo Paul

    The feedback from fellow Labour party members who I have spoken to seems to be Tony Blair will weigh up his options and make a decision before returning from holiday.

    The Labour Party Conference will be the venue for the world to hear Tony Blair reveal his decision.

    The main reason for Tony Blair to keep soldiering on may be the November 24th deadline for the Assembley.

    His final act as Brit Prime Minister, and for his legacy, could be the restoration of devolved power in Northern Ireland.

    Alternatively, if Gordon Brown is at the helm it may help or could hinder the chances of a deal, depends on how pragmatic the leaders are at the new Brown premiorship, that is assuming Gordon see’s off challengers.

    A curve ball may be the suprise election of David Millibrand, the Blair pretender and Blairite prefered heir apparent, as a new younger Labour leader??????

    I am confident that Tony Blair will not be leader by Jan 2007, if he stays any longer the enormous contribution to the Labour party by Tony Blair will forever be undermined.


    It’s all speculation, but I think Labour need a deal to seal the start of Browns premiership much more than they need one to let Blair retire on a high.

  • Turbo Paul

    I agree TAFKABO it would be better for the people of Northern Ireland if Gordon hits the ground running, especially as Northern Ireland devolved would be the springboard for a new era of optimism, rather than the negative view around at the moment.

    Perhaps some of “Here today gone tomorrow politicians” at the helm currently may “Do a Tony” and leave the stage to new optimistic leaders????

  • Rory

    Speculation, smechulation already.

    Blair’s interests do not lie in going out on a high of historic glory for having ‘solved’ the NI backwater, which in any case he knows is a rather longer game.

    His interests wiil be focused on setting in stone his promises to the hovering vultures around the dying bodies of state healthcare and education. The resulting payoff for his ‘delivery of service’ directly to the client will ensure the comfort of his retirement.

    And hagiographers are two a penny these days, as was ever, so songs to his glory are assured.

  • heck

    no one picked up on my comment about the “criminality of the labour party”. Is selling peerages any less serious that buying a carton of cigarettes in dundalk and taking them home to Forkhill?

    from here on can we assume that all the talk about “criminality” and parties tainted with “criminality” being unfit for government is what it is? An excuse not to have fenians in government.

    can we have the wishes of the British public set aside and the labour party kept out of power by some unelected abortion called the IMC headed by John Aldershite? Or is this monstrosity only needed for the inferior micks?

  • Rory

    Is selling peerages any less serious that buying a carton of cigarettes in dundalk and taking them home to Forkhill

    Well perhaps it is not so considered in Northern Ireland, Heck, but here in the genteel civility of south-east England, any activity related to tobacco smoking is fast out-pacing genocide and the sexual abuse of children for the No. 1 spot in the Cardinal Sin chart.

    The exception is of course the earning of large consultancy fess by politicians in exchange for objective advice to BAT.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear Herself coming back, so I’ll just pop down the garden shed for a quick puff.

  • Rory

    Whoops! I must ‘fess up to a typo. “fess” above please read as “fees”,