BBC Controller stepping down

With all the excitement of the Twelfth, and our cosy chats about the holiday here on Slugger, it would be easy to miss other important stories. Notwithstanding Pete’s reporting on people reporting on us and rusty boats, I see Anna Carragher has announced her retirement from the BBC. Ms Carragher has been with the BBC since 1970 and has been Controller since 2000.

I only met her once, and unfortunately I didnt know who she was, so just chatted about a lovely red scarf she was wearing. Colleagues of mine who were watching were desperately impressed that I seemed to know this powerful person! I had to spoil the illusion I’m afraid, not that anyone was too surprised.

  • willis

    Anna for one would be a bit hacked off that there are so few posts on her retirement, given that she has supported the BBCNI Online effort, in all its manifestations, so strongly.

    I’m sure I will be saying a few words somewhere else, but for the moment I would like to acknowledge a CNI who really valued getting out and mixing it with the audience.

  • missfitz

    Bit surprised myself Willis, as she has made such a contribution, and against some odds, if I believe correctly. Perhaps it’s just a busy time for commentary around the 12th, but thanks for the comments.

  • GurnyGub

    Nobody leaping forward with tributes then! And a very costly divorce judgement against the lady slicing her pension. Ach.