3 horse race

: Hmm, as of 9.40am, the site has now had 3100 hits. Marty has overtaken the Orange Arse by a hair, and Big Ian is striding out front with almost 400 views.
I am finding my relationship with Flickr fascinating. From March 18th to yesterday, my pictures had been viewed about 500 times. Since I posted my phptographs yesterday on the parades and bonfires, there have been over 2,100 new views of the site. The top 3 photos are here, with 340 for Paisley, 141 for Kiss My Orange Ass, and Marty McGuinness coming a close third at 136.

It’s at moments like this, watching such a competition, that I resolve to get a life…… soon

  • Miss, I think your photos of the bonfire in action are incredible.

  • Miss Fitz

    Thanks very much Urquhart, appreciate that. I’ve rearanged them in a set now, and it looks good as a slide show, in the order it all happened.

  • jim

    Is that Jim Boyce in the n.i top celebrating the success of the ‘football for all’ campaign at the orangefest.

  • bagpuss

    Think you can think the OWC boys for the Paisley views.

    What’s up Jim, football for all except the prods?

    Miss Fitz, the boney, was that in Dundrum?

  • Kathy_C

    posted by Kathy C

    Hi all,
    Miss Fitz, the photo’s were good to see…thanks for taking the time to take them and post them on this site for others, like myself, to see.

    The drum with Mr. McGuiness’s face on it was an interesting turn for the marchers to do especially this year loyalist beat to death a Catholic boy with wooden sticks and now a loyalist band is allowed to march with an elected official’s face on a drum…an elected official who represents Catholics face is allowed to be beaten with wooden sticks and the authorites allow it…and so does the press…I haven’t read anything about how since these parades must be sanctioned by a gov’t representing the gov’t…the parades commission…and how the parades commission hasn’t spoken out about a band beating the photo of the face of a Member of Parliament or a Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly and the man who was once the Minister of Education in the north of Ireland…

  • Moochin photoman

    blimey……… take a breath and start again

  • Bryanboru

    Not being an Orangeman (I fled to Donegal for the duration) I nonetheless find it hard to take Kathy C’s indignation about a painting of McGuinness on a drum. While the murder of the Ballymena schoolboy was abhorrent, lets prosecute those gangsters and put them out of circulation. Lets remember however that Martin is not a cuddly politician. This guy has done much worse things to real people’s heads for many years. Take a break Kathy.