Bonfire Night

Link to video

Forgive me if this doesn’t work, but I have had numerous comments and e-mails about my Flickr photies of the bonfire, and I also have this little bit of video. It was my first time to actually see the Tricolour being burned, and I was greatly saddened. I hadn’t fully appreciated that it is the highlight of the evening for many, and there was a huge cheer when it went up. Many people left the bonfire site at that point in time.

While I hold firmly to my view that the 12th can be morphed into something different, a little less threatening and a lot more fun, we have to remove this blatant and painful sectarianism. Yes, Yes, nationalists need to get their house in order, but goodness some parts of the Twelfth are agressively anti- catholic and would never make one feel at home.