Last September’s gun shots…

For all the angst over the Dublin riots, here’s videophone footage of last September’s riots in Belfast. Most of it is a fairly lengthy shot of a bunch of guys ‘spontaneously’ hacking a metal lampost down. First they try to push it over, then a mechanical saw turns up. And just as you are waiting for someone to ignite cartoon-wise as they hit the electric wire inside, a guy steps out of the crowd and lets the PSNI have it.

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  • Aaron_Scullion

    That’s just astonishing. This isn’t a helpful post from me, but nonetheless.. I know we know they’re morons.. but to actually see it in technicolor just brings it home.

    The education system is really failing in some areas.

  • des

    Their only crime is loyalty!!

  • their only crime was stupidity.

    did you see Albertbridge rd after it ?

    trashing your own neighbourhood….. is really stoopid.

  • dantheman

    Possibly the worst thing about the north is the spides and the way they say “yyyoooooooooooooooo” when they are wrecking something> Time to send these lads (prod and taig) off to labour camps in china i reckon. Pity uncle joe ain’t about anymore, russia is getting very underpopulated these days.

  • fartrick

    i just think its a pity he missed…..

  • harpo

    I hope that all the folks who voted via the GFA to allow the paramilitaries to keep their guns are happy that this sort of thing is the result.

  • P113

    A propaganda film on behalf of the severely dysfunctional. Their only crime was a collective IQ of 45.

  • The solution is simple, a couple of well positioned police sniper’s would have taken care of the crowd in a heartbeat.

  • Greenflag

    This is how Unionists thank HMG for the 6 billion pounds a year that keeps these street hooligans fed and clothed .

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds ye ? O

  • lib2016

    This is the section of society which has so terrified the British that they have been here for the last eighty odd years?

    It’s all over.

  • Proud

    Simple answer – more police, more powers, more willingness to do their job, no more mollycoddling of paramilitaries of any shade, no more letting thugs ruin communities, proper bloody sentencing. Right, I’m off on my flying pig to a magical tea party with Lord Lucan, wish me luck!

  • SWM

    Simple answer number 2 – A trained marksperson to take out everyone rioting. Then we will see if they are really ‘trained soilders’ or just ‘fat, useless, scumbags’.

    I know what my money will be on.

  • Rory

    I believe the main fault lies in the demise of all those wonder television programmes such as Civilization and Monitor that would normally have had all those chappies comfortably indoors of an evening glued to the box.

  • Rory

    Whoops! Please read “wonderful” for “wonder”. Apologies.

  • robocop

    that lamp post was slabbering.