Parades for all?

The Sunday Times is filled with gems worthy of discussion today.. this from Liam Clarke.

One wonders if the Orange Order realises the extensive remodelling it will have to undergo to make itself widely acceptable after years of contested marches, sporadic violence and refusal to talk.

Orange spokesmen compare blithely the tourist potential of Orangefest with Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Notting Hill carnival in London. Not even Colin Bateman could have written those lines with a straight face.

And then..

It’s hard to miss the Old Boyne Island Heroes LOL 633 with its banner of Brian Robinson, a UVF man shot dead by the British Army immediately after he had murdered a Catholic. Some will feel sympathy with him; most will be appalled that the lodge takes pride in such an emblem. Nobody will see it as a spectacle to lift the heart like the carnival in Rio.