Parades for all?

The Sunday Times is filled with gems worthy of discussion today.. this from Liam Clarke.

One wonders if the Orange Order realises the extensive remodelling it will have to undergo to make itself widely acceptable after years of contested marches, sporadic violence and refusal to talk.

Orange spokesmen compare blithely the tourist potential of Orangefest with Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the Notting Hill carnival in London. Not even Colin Bateman could have written those lines with a straight face.

And then..

It’s hard to miss the Old Boyne Island Heroes LOL 633 with its banner of Brian Robinson, a UVF man shot dead by the British Army immediately after he had murdered a Catholic. Some will feel sympathy with him; most will be appalled that the lodge takes pride in such an emblem. Nobody will see it as a spectacle to lift the heart like the carnival in Rio.

  • joeCanuck

    From Liam Clarke’s article

    “An Orange lodge passes by, there is a band, then another lodge, then another band and so it goes on unless the monotony is broken by a riot.

    To an extraterrestrial, who didn’t understand the language or the cultural trappings, the “spectacle” of the bands, banners and marching men would look much like a somewhat larger version of the trades union May Day march. It may be fun to take part or to watch if you support it, but as public displays go it is dull and repetitive. ”

    Monotonous and dull. That describes it to a tee. I lived on the Lisburn road for 5 years in the late 60’s/early 70’s and had the “privilege” of watching. After the third year i took myself off for the day.

  • dantheman

    “John Claudius Beresford, the first grand secretary of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, spoke strongly against the Act of Union, saying: “Proud of the name of Irishman, I hope never to exchange it for that of colonist.””

    Puts the KAI into perspective.

  • heck

    What’s next? The KKK applying to the NIO for a grant to celebrate their “cultha”. The can have “cross community” cross burnings, celebrations of lynchings, and speeches arguing why blacks shouldn’t be in government because of their “culture of criminality”

    and Birmingham Alabama would be just like Rio.

    We can call it whitefest

  • lib2016

    It’s got to be done. I’ve no time for Orangemen, any brand of organised religion and especially for public drunkeness but this society has to start building some kind of a shared future, and what’s left of the Orange Order certainly needs a complete overhaul.

    The fact that they’ve had to include the wimmin & childern to keep the numbers up shows that they are not entirely able to resist reality.

    This is probably doomed anyway but by all means let them have a go. It would probably be too much to ask the police to stop all those unnecessary little ‘parades’ when they emerge onto the street for no discernable reason.

    One police car to escape the thugs in and a camera for later evidence would be all that’s needed, but then the same simple tools would allow prosecutions for hatemongering and our police don’t seem to want to go there either.