Informer’s mother dies…

THE mother of IRA infiltrator Frank Hegarty has died. Those involved in her son’s murder were never caught.If I remember rightly, former British spy handler Martin Ingram vowed to Rose Hegarty he would try and secure justice for her son’s murder, which, from what I can gather, he took very hard personally. Ingram has linked the murder to British collusion with the IRA in order to protect high-ranking informers who killed with apparent impunity, one of whom has just activated an injunction to have items removed from Mr Ingram’s blog.

  • Irish in America

    Is this news?

  • Brenda

    Yes it is news. Sorry news. Was it news when Tomas O’Faich died, or Fr Faul, or Young Lisa Dorain whose family do not know what happened to her?
    Granted it is not hard political news, but it has a human interest side to it,especially for the people who live in this country and although I don’t know the family I would like to extend my sympathy to them on the death of their mother.

  • I wonder will Martin McGuinness attend the funeral of one of his constituents. Martin Feris spoke at the funeral of Sean O’Callaghan’s da so we don’t know. I think people should ask Martin to attend and to make a statement

  • all out

    Guess who?
    ‘cmon back, Frank, sure you’ll be grand! I personally guarantee it. Would I lie to you, hi? Give me a shout when you get off the ferry, we’ll go for a pint. Just spoken to your mother, fine woman, told her you’d be grand too.’

  • P113

    Jean McConville and Frank Hegarty despatched to their graves by the heroic sons of Ireland….don’t fool yourselves lads.

  • handy

    taigs, mrs hegarty wasnt a constituent of mcguinness….she lived in derry….mark durkans constituency

  • Gum

    Is Martin Ingram’s credibility stll intact? I try to keep an open mind but I really can’t trust what he says as either a primary or secondary source.

  • pith

    Oirish in America,

    “Is this news?”

    Now what would be meaning by that sure?

    The answer is “Yes” but I think you might be up to the old trick questions again.

  • ingram


    I would like to pass on my sadness at this news. Her son loved her very much and god willing they will be reunited.

    Martin Ingram.

    PS GUM. Not even a good attempt , nobody has my record at getting it right and I mean nobody. Tonight is not a night to play me, by all means pass on your thoughts regarding Hegarty but have some respect to the death of this fine mother and Lady.

    Gonzo. Thanks for this thread, it is very much appreciated. Ingram is on holiday so take no offence at this late post.

  • Handy: Mea culpa. McGuinness does not represent the city he lives in. Maybe that – and urgent Westminster business a la Paisley and McIlveen – wil kep him away frm the funeral. A pity as he would enjoy the day out and he odes like funerals.

  • Gum

    Ingram, I am not attempting anything. We’ve only your own word that you get all this right. Dont be too hurt that I choose not to take your word as truth. There are plenty of others I similarly dont trust. Anyway I dont think this qualifies as news. Please dont play the “fine mother and lady” card either – she may well have been but that doesn’t preclude people questioning the validity of your arguments.

  • Freddie

    It’s about time Ian Hurst (blah blah Martin self-righteous Ingram)came face to face with the reality of being balshy……the so-called ‘whistleblower’ should really put his silly little mouth on the line…….want to meet me Ian ? Want a 1-2-1 with me Ian ? Your days of hiding under Martin Ingram are over Ian…..time to come out and play ….if you have the balls ? Scappie wants you !

  • Freddie

    Ian, sorry to say, I got the first mail address wrong, thats the one for the Portrush place I stay in, this one is for when I stay elsewhere……London, Paris, Munich, Rome, Eccles…..who knows eh ?

    So, Mr Hurst……you want to meet ? You want to do the face to face thing ?

    Scappie wants to meet.

  • daring deirdre

    Thought he was on holiday??