Republic involved in destructive race to the bottom?

Interesting line from Harvard-based Dr Jody Heymann, who argues that globalisation comes with a price to families and settled societal structures. Essentially she believes the need for companies to become more competitive in a global market place, is drawing adults away from families with potentially disasterous future results:

“In every region of the world the number of households in which all adults are working is dramatically rising. Worldwide there are one billion children living in homes where all the adults are working,” said Dr Heymann. “In a third of the families interviewed children aged between nought and five-years-old had to be left home alone. Two thirds of the children left home alone faced accidents or emergencies. A third faced developmental or behavioural problems. This all connects back to Ireland. Many of those facing the worst working conditions are part of a chain. It’s a race to the bottom with either companies or countries feeling the only way to compete is through worse working conditions.”

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