Looking at the stars.. take two.

As noted yesterday, the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery was postponed due to the risk of thunderstorms, and today’s schedule – 3.26pm local/ 8.26pm here – may follow suit with NASA currently predicting a 70 percent chance that local weather conditions will prevent the launch. So, to keep up our quota of science-related posts *ahem* Look up this weekend and try to spot the rather large asteroid passing close by [don’t tell Lembit! – Ed] estimated at 400m to 800m wide it will pass within 270,000miles of the Earth (the Moon orbits at an average 240,000miles) and will be the closest asteroid ever observed by radar. And, while you’re looking to the skies, or not, here’s an amazing video of what happened on May 2 this year when a 10 inch wide meteoroid hit the Moon. Larger image here. Update Shuttle launch scrubbed – come back on Tuesday