Daily Ireland reports ‘Tohill loophole’…

I’VE been banging on about this for months, and yesterday Daily Ireland splashed with Ciaran Barnes’ story on what I was speculating about the day before – that charges of UDA membership might not stand up in court, since that organisation is on a Government-recognised ceasefire. If accurate, would it mean that the shift from use of witness to expert witness/physical evidence by the PSNI in a certain person’s case is of no legal consequence?

  • Comrade Stalin

    The UDA’s ceasefire was “specified” a while ago, at the time of the Adair business. Are you sure that this status has been revoked ?

  • Belfast Gonzo

    After last year’s ceasefire, the Secretary of State declared the UVF ceasefire over. He did not do the same for the UDA, which cobbled a statement together calling for calm in order to avoid having its status revoked.