Another peace process about to start…

THE Spanish government is to start talks with Basque separatists ETA. Given the influence of Irish republicanism on the Basques, it will be interesting to see if they are going to echo the Northern Irish process. Looks like another long-haul operation regardless, and I hope the two sides can reach meaningful agreement faster than we’re doing here.

  • foreign correspondent

    I live in Spain. I really hope that this peace process works. But just like Northern Ireland it´s a complicated business. The Basque Country is pretty much divided half and half between Basque Nationalists and those happy to stay with Spain. Plus some Basque nationalists want the neighbouring region of Navarra, where Basque is also spoken to be part of a larger Basque Country. I doubt if that will happen though it´s more likely than the French Basque Country being made part of a new Euskadi (Basque Country).
    There is also the problem that the main, rightwing, Spanish opposition party now refuse to back Socialist President Zapatero in his negotiations, even though they negotiated with ETA during a previous ceasefire in the 90´s.
    I say good luck to Zapatero and I just hope the violence is over for ever.