4 charged from Monday’s arrests

The dust seems to have, mostly, settled from the searches and arrests in Fermanagh and Armagh on Monday, no word from France though. The result of the activity has seen 4 people charged with a variety of offences, three were in court on Friday, and another appeared there today on a number of conspiracy charges involving a shopping list of various weaponry, some 46,000 euro and the deeds of a commercial property in Portugal.


  • Why

    The PSNI also closed down a car wash in Lurgan where Mr McCaugherty’s brother worked, money laundering? 🙂

  • Donagh

    Why sometimes you just can’t rely on those rumours. McCaugherty’s brother did not work at the car wash.

    Though I am by no means any kind of sympathiser with dissident republicans, I am from the area and a few things make me extremely wary about these arrests. Firstly, after the arrests in Lurgan a few weeks back, it’s plainly obvious the PSNI are working with the aid of an informer. Now we all know the dissidents are riddled with them, but the thing that most nationalists and republicans in Lurgan are thinking is that the PSNIs previous incarnation had no problem in manipulating such people in order to set people up e.g. Colin Duffy on two occasions. There is no trust for the PSNI in the nationalist part of Lurgan and indeed many people have witnessed the PSNI and RIR openly abuse and harass McCaugherty around Lurgan town centre much in the same way we remember them doing the same to Duffy (McCaugherty is a fairly recognisable figure as you’ll all no doubt discover soon).

    Again in case some people jump to the wrong conclusion here about me, I’ll say I am opposed to these ‘republicans’ but I’m long enough in the tooth to know that Special Branch in Lurgan have no qualm about acting outside the law and to their own agenda.

  • From the UTV link:
    “The explosives were SAM7 surface to air missiles”

    Add the charge of feckin’ lunacy while you’re at it.

    The guidance is passive infrared. You might be able to knock out a idling lorry but countermeasures have moved WAY beyond 1968 technology.

  • donagh

    Well they must have been after a lorry because I ain’t seen a helicopter in these parts for a long time…

  • Why

    Well i seen his brother washing cars there two weeks ago, apparently the owner closed it down after the raid because of noisy b****ds. On the issue of the PSNI recruiting i will say this they are playing games with peoples lives in Lurgan for I have my suspicions concerning a young lad who recently committed suicide, seems the war is far from over for Lurgan PSNI and the likes of Mr McCaugherty.