Never on a Sunday, or is it…?

HAVE some England fans at the World Cup adopted the ‘extra’ line in the national anthem heard (less loudly these days) at Windsor Park games? Meanwhile, the IFA “has promised a full enquiry after one of its World Cup tickets ended up being sold by a tout for £200″, according to the BBC. And last night, the IFA voted to continue the ban on Sunday football. But, this being the IFA, it also (according to a poster at OWC) agreed that “The Association is a member of FIFA and UEFA and where there is a conflict the statutes of FIFA and UEFA and these Articles, the statutes of FIFA and UEFA shall prevail”. If accurate, it seems to me that we’re looking at an end to the Sunday ban…

  • m

    England fans have lots of chants. Many of them stupid. Like most fans.

    Jingoism is part and parcel of the world cup.

    …..a match starts in Nuremberg and a BBC commentator instantly describes the changes in the city from the Nazi rallies and later trials.…


    …the same commentator introduces the Poland vs Germany game as ironic due to the numbers of Poles invading Germany.

    If there’s a time and place for inappropriate, pointless, nationalistic, jingoism from English people (and everyone else) it’s the world cup.

    It’s funny.

    Especially as those the silliness encompasses will eventually have the pleasure of seeing their sad wee non-singing faces when England get knocked out via a penalty feck-up.

    Great craic that world cup.

  • My favourite England chant is :

    “no one likes us….. We don’t care”

    having said that im a Ukraine supporter.

  • m

    I’m an Ireland supporter.

    I think that ‘We’re not Brazil, we’re Norn Iron’ chant is genius.

    Proper chant.*

    *they must have stolen it

  • Rory

    The Australia/Croatia game last night, which for me, was the most passionate exciting game of the tournament so far had me thinking.

    I was gunning for the Aussies and I asked myself “Why?”. (I often talk to myself).

    I am northern Irish. Catholic. Republican. My sympathies are anti Engerland.

    I am a citizen of Northern Ireland and a UK citizen by default whether I like it or not.

    The UK, of which I am deemed a citizen, is part of the Empire. Australia is part of the Empire which Croatia is not. Conclusion: I should support Croatia.

    Both the UK and the RoI are members of the EEC. That means that whatever my objections to the UK, all my country has membership of the EEC. Croatia is a member state of the EEC. Conclusion: I should support Croatia.

    Croatia is a Catholic country. Australia has a history of strong anti-Catholic bias. Conclusion: I should support Croatia.

    Which team do I support?

    I support Australia. Because I am prejudiced, both politically and religiously, against Croatia. This is because of Croatia’s strong support for Nazi Germany during WWII and my horror and shame that a Catholic country could share that ideology so enthusiastically. Which of course is totally unfair to the Croatian players who are innocent of any involvement in dark past history. But tough! It’s my prejudice and at the World Cup, as at any other football match, I can do what I bloody well like with it. So there!

    It’s also true that I happen to know many more Australians than Croatians and that I have enjoyed watching more of the Australian players in the English FA Premiership, but what is most true is that I simply support any team I damn well fancy for whatever reasons suit me and I extend the same courtesy of choice to everyone else.

    Doesn’t mean that I won’t take the piss out them for exercising the “wrong” choice though, does it?

  • ed

    Sorry Rory, Croatia is not a member of the E.E.C. and never will be…On the other hand if they behave they might be allowed to join the E.U. or whatever it calls itself in a few years time.

    Go Austraila!

  • nmc

    What is the extra line adopted by Engerland fans at the world cup? My access is restricted in work…


  • I used to “dj” around Norn Iron and found it very amusing playing a version of “The Queen” with 2 verses , in Loyalist clubs/pubs. After the first verse was over everyone goes to sit down and have to struggle to stand up again until the National Anthem finishes.The funny thing was they never shouted “No Surrender” during the second verse.
    I worked along with a girl that always saluted throughout the National Anthem. 🙂
    God Save Our Queen

  • sam

    The IFA are the only football association within the whole UEFA organisation who have a ban on Sunday football.

    How sad that this part of the world is so backward that it cannot make the game open to all.

    Makes a bit of a joke of the ‘football for all’ slogan.

    The religious fundamentalists obviously still hold power within the IFA

    Utterly depressing

  • Ziznivy

    The much féted Croatian fans are singing some of the most nasty nationalist songs of any support. “Ustase! Ustase!” is one that has been echoing round the stadiums from this “marvellous support”.

  • Sven

    This is proving to be a blog the inward looking, belly watchin bigots of this place are going to love! EG the first post by m…

    May the best team win, and if that’s England then so be it!

  • paddyjoe

    radio ulster this morning got a hold of a ballymena councillor to talk about sunday football. i didnt know whether to laugh or cry. the guy was a total moron. all he would do was quote scriptures. the last person leaving theIFA headquarters please turn the light off

  • Why did they have a Ballymena councillor talking about it in the first place, could they not get anyone actually involved in football in Northern Ireland?

  • SVEN


    I heard that councillor on Radio Ulster this morning and I think he might be one of the inward looking, belly watchin bigots I was talking about!

    Just to upset the anti-english voice on this blog…


  • Rory

    What, ed? Croatio is not in the EEC? You mean the duplicitous bastards were lying to me. It’s no wonder I don’t like them. I’ll give them bloody “Ustase”, the vicious thugs.

    Now, Vive la France!

  • Great post Rory. I have a soft spot for the Aussies, based on little more than having known a few and that if they’re doing well, they’ll be having barbies and parties after the matches!

  • paddyjoe

    does anyone know why it needed 75% of the vote to push the motion through? who makes these rules? next thing they,ll be doing is three yellow cards for a sending off

  • DK

    Rory: “This is because of Croatia’s strong support for Nazi Germany during WWII”

    So presumably you won’t be supporting the other countries who gave strong support for Nazi Germany: Italy, France (via Vichy), Japan, Iran, Spain (at a push) and, obviously, Germany itself.

    And equally you will give support to those that opposed Nazi Germany: England, Poland, France (again), Italy (again), Serbia/Montenegro (sort of), Brazil, USA, Netherlands, Australia, Czech Republic and (maybe) Ukraine.

  • Ziznivy

    “I am prejudiced, both politically and religiously, against Croatia. This is because of Croatia’s strong support for Nazi Germany during WWII and my horror and shame that a Catholic country could share that ideology so enthusiastically.”

    You really are living in cloud cuckoo land if you can see any difference between nasty ethno-religious Croatian nationalism and nasty ethno-religious Irish nationalism. There but for the grace of geography go your forefathers who would have jumped into the Nazi bed and parted their bum-cheeks with alacrity had it been expedient.